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Viewing Nest Cam Gen 2 on Amazon tablet or laptop

Community Member

Is there any way of viewing indoor or outdoor Gen 2 cameras outside of only on the Home app? I'd like to use the indoor camera for a nursery and outdoor cameras for security and would like to pull it up on my Amazon Fire tablet or my Macbook Pro but after talking with customer service it sounds like I can only do this through the app on my phone? Is there a workaround? I have the older Nest Cam and have always been able to access the video through the Nest app. The Home app doesn't integrate and is in general just a really bad app.. Thanks!




Sadly, Google Nest decided that its new cameras and doorbells would NOT work on the website or in the Google Nest app. This is their VP's rationale (from Sept. 2021):

I haven't tried it (some have found it glitchy), but BlueStacks offers a free software package that lets you run a limited version of the Google Home app on a PC or Mac: