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Why is my nest Doorbell battery is rinsing through the battery?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Joe 5774 


My nest Doorbell was delivered on release day. It was fully charged but is now already down to 65%. All the settings are on default. It's recorded 19 events today and most last less than 10 seconds. At this rate it's not going to last a month, let alone the 2.5 months Google claim it should last. Any ideas?

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I’m having the exact same issues. I’ve already had to recharge it a few times and I’ve only had the doorbell for a week.

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What might be happening is that it is waking up when it sees motion from moving trees or bushes blowing in the wind.  Even though those events are not getting recorded they still eat up the battery as the camera wakes up to look at what is going on.

The best idea is to wire them up to 24/7 power by using the doorbell wiring in your house or by getting power to it from something like this:


These are the actual specs for power posted on the Google store 

Doorbell power: Rechargeable battery (included), or existing doorbell wires (8–24 VAC, 10 VA, 50/60Hz transformer).