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Will nest camera continue to work after nest secure sunset in 2024?

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Now that nest secure will sunset in 2024, will the cameras still work? Will the cameras give motion alerts? Or... What features will the cameras have after nest secure is gone? 

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Same question 

Same question. 

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I have the same question.
I did notice from the Google Home App, Camera, Yale Lock, Thermostats, and other Google devices are shown.  No Video history or event notification is available.  The notification message was sales for ADT service not much else!

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I am fairly confident the cameras will work. The new cams from google require use with google home. I was told by nest support the detects(motion detectors) will not work. But I do see them in google home so I am not sure that is correct.


Google Nest's announcement only mentions the older Dropcam (2012) and Dropcam Pro (2013) models:

Here is their post:

Thank you! My concern  is if Nest Aware Will still work and if the Nest Outdoor Cameras will still work with the app and/or Google. Anyone know?

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Hello gents -


I have 2 Dropcams and 1 Dropcam Pro.  Got my nasty-grams from Google regarding dropping Dropcams and Works with Nest.  Anyone know if a camera like this one would still work? Such a stupid but reasonable reason why is I have the 3 drop cams mounted basically flush in to a wall and the thought of a giant white Nest Camera Wired indoor camera being mounted in my kitchen make my wife ill. If the ones labeled Google Nest Cam Indoor on Amazon will NOT get baked next April 2024 then I'm just going to pick up 3 of them until I make a major overhaul on my home automation and security. Many thanks and have a great night all !!


Google Nest Cam Indoor - 1st Generation - Wired Indoor Camera

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


We appreciate you posting your thoughts here in the Community. What MplsCustomer has shared is right on the spot.


@jairboy32, we understand your concern and thank you for reaching out here. Check this link to know more about the latest and the old models of Nest Camera and Nest Doorbell. Let us know if you have more questions in mind.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and drdrew450.




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This does not answer the questions regarding April 2024 rollover to ADT. It renders our Nest equipment useless unless we pay the extortion fee of 19.99 to ADT, right?????

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My Take: April 2024 Nest Secure application and device stop working if the service is not migrated to ADT.
How to determine what remains connected etc? 
Remove power from Nest Secure, Battery is discharged. 
The results should be obvious.