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Problems with Chromecast Set Up

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Just bought a Chromecast (3rd Gen).  I couldn't find stock locally so bought one from everyone's favourite auction site.  A Bad mistake!  When I try to set it up I get a message "This Chromecast was made for a different country, it is not compatible with your wifi".  Sure enough it will not log on to my wifi.

Is there any workaround for this?

I have to say, apart from my current experience I'm a bit disappointed with Chromecast full stop.  All of the images used to advertise the product show just the dongle with its HDMI connector.  What Google doesn't explain is that you need an external USD power source.  Surely that's a deception?  The images lead me to believe it was powered from the HDMI connector.  I find that when I power it up from an external source it get very warm.  I'd guess it's dissipating several watts (may be as much as 5 watts) of energy.  That's not what I want to find given the current energy prices.  


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Platinum Product Expert

Chromecast devices are optimized to work best with specific Wi-Fi standards depending on where they are sold. This means if you buy a product in one country, it may not work as expected, or may not work at all, if you try to use it in a different country than where it was purchased. Sounds like whoever you bought the device from lives in a different country to yourself.

The first thing to try is to factory reset and retry setup. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, there are some workarounds you can try:

  1. If your router is a dual band router and has different network names for the two Wifi bands, try connecting to each band and retry setup.
  2. Login to the admin page of your router (refer to the manual or the back of the device).
  3. Navigate to Wifi or Wireless settings (the naming of the menu options you see will differ by router manufacturer and you may need to click to go into "advanced" settings to see some options). 
  4. If your router is a dual band router and doesn't currently have different names for the two bands, look for an option to turn on different network names for the two bands.
  5. If "Wifi Protected Setup" or "WPS" is enabled, disable it.
  6. Set your Wifi channel/band (channel selection) to a value between 1 and 10.

As for power, it comes with the power adapter and cable you need. HDMI is a display technology, and can't be used for power. Like many electronics, Chromecast will get slightly warm during use, but it should not be too hot to touch. 

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Hey folks,


As always, thanks for the help here, davidking.


peterc1, we hope that sheds some light. Feel free to reach back if you still need help or have other questions and concerns.




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Community Specialist

Hello peterc1,


I wanted to check if you still need help or have other questions and concerns. Don't hesitate to let me know if you do.




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Community Specialist

Hi peterc1,


We want to ensure you are good to go, and everything is working properly. Please let me know if you are still having trouble, as I will be locking the thread in 24 hours due to inactivity.