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Help! I’ve read all posts and websites. I can’t connect my new 42” OLED LG TV to google mini

Community Member

Hello, I got my google mini and connected the smart lights and it says that the TV appears to be located but it doesn’t allow me to turn tv on or off or anything else. Also, as per the screen shots I took, it recognises an LG TV in the family room (approx. 20 feet away) instead of the one I want which would be 1 foot away. The tvs are the same except for size.

I’ve reset everything and all devices are ion the same wifi as per phone/iPad but it cannot find my TV as a new device.

On the screen shot, it doesn’t give any options for settings when you click on that.

I’m exhausted and would live some help.



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Have you assigned the TV to a room? If you don't do that, that's why device settings isn't working and you're seeing the "request invite to manage" button in the screenshot you shared.