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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Doorbell camera

Does anyone know how to change batter in nest door bell camera?..thank you

SJ99-22 by Community Member
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Resolved! Okay Google, is the bathroom free?

Hopefully this is the right forum. I live with in a house with 5 bodies and 1 bathroom on the top floor. Can anyone think of a way of asking google if the bathroom is free instead of me yelling and/or hiking it up the stairs?I see the smoke detector ...

Hobrough by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Randomly Losing Connection

I have Nest WiFi with 2 WiFi points and the points keep dropping service randomly for just a few minutes at a time. There’s no change in the ISP connection at these times. Have tried resetting WiFi through the home app, checking mesh connectivity (al...


I cannot find the Iphone to enact those requests. Can you trigger an alarm such that I can find it straight away? I'm already very behind with my work, and if I can't find my phone I'll be fired. Please help. Even if it means triggering a new softwar...

nhills2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Star+ on Chromecast with Google TV

I bought Chromecast with Google TV 4K in the US to watch Star+ in Peru (my country) but the app doesn’t appear. A friend of mine who also lives here, has the exact same product and he found and downloaded Star+ with no problem at all.

Google Thermostat (3rd Gen)

Is anyone finding that their Google Thermostat constantly going offline? If so, what troubleshooting steps did you do to correct their issue? My wifi appears to not be the problem as nothing else gets kicked off of it and the speed is pretty high. I ...

DecB by Community Member
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I have issues

1 - my Yale door lock disconnected from my network.2 - my learning thermostat (3g) doesn’t show up in nearby devices2 a - when I scan the QR code it accepts and nothing happens. 2 b - when I put in the code it accepts and nothing happens3 - following...

Cannot Connect 2 Nest E Thermostats

I have two Nest Protects and two Nest E Thermostats. I have both Protects showing in the Nest app. I can then add either of my thermostats (upstairs or downstairs) where it uses the protect to set itself up. All good. The problem is the second thermo...

ChopFoo by Community Member
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