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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Can no longer cast to a speaker group

Even though the speaker groups exist in my home app, I can no longer request radio is played on one of the groups using a voice prompt.My Google home speakers have become far less intelligent over the past year.Is this the final straw?

lukus by Community Member
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Wake Display on Approach

 Maybe there’s an easy way to fix this, because I can’t find any topics on it, and I would expect other people would be annoyed by it as well…I have my Nest Thermostat set to wake the display on approach, because I want it to show me the temperatures...


Can't remove roommate access to Nest

My roommates are able to connect to my nest without them appearing as guests or under household in my Google home app. Under recognition and sharing, I have turned off "Let others control your cast media" and yet they are still able to connect and co...

Creating a stereo Nest Audio speaker pair no longer possible

Hi,I hope someone can help me.Recently, I have a problem to pair two Google Nest Audio speakers In stereo. The link itself goes well, but after I have completed that link, I see this (Stereo) in the selected room, but if I want to change the volume, ...

Michel_281 by Community Member
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Routines start but do not complete

I have been using routines on my Hub Max for several years but starting in early 2022 routines will not complete.Goodnight Routine:Triggered by "hey Google goodnight"- asks to set alarm, turns off light connected to wemo, plays white noise from Spoti...

Ashabalee by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Someone spying On me from upper portion

Hello guys,i pray Everyone is fine,, I have a problem since 3 months,i hear sounds of my upper portions neighbours about my routine like what I am doing,where I am going,i heard in my ears and the coming sound and axent was recognized of my neighbour...

Smoke detector

I have three smoke co protectors. I was able to connect my kitchen and hallway. The bedroom I tried everything it has under trouble shooting and still wouldn’t connect after about 15 times of trying. I assumed something has to be wrong with the detec...

Britt3 by Community Member
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