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Billed twice

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I signed up for the one year subscription of nest aware plus for $120. I received an email confirming my order. I then looked at my credit card and I was charged $60 and $120. I chatted with a Google rep. I asked what the other $60 charge was for. He stated that I signed up for a one year subscription for nest aware plus and nest aware at the same time. I asked why I didn't receive an email or receipt for the $60 subscription to nest aware. He said it is in my Google pay. I showed him screen shots of my $120 confirmation email and stated I didn't sign up for any other subscription. He just kept assuring me I did and said that there is no receipt, nothing he can do, no way to correct the erroneous charge, and I get no benefit for the service because I already have a year subscription to nest aware plus. I don't know what to do. Has anyone had this issue before. Is a chargeback my only recourse in this situation? I obviously want my nest aware plus subscription still, but don't understand why I was billed $120 and $60. Both charges have moved from pending to posted on my credit card account.