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Billing emails use incorrect home name

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When I moved to my current house, I renamed my home in Google products, and later subscribed to Nest Aware. My Nest Aware subscription has always been assigned to my current home, and was not active on any other home.
Somehow, when my Nest Aware subscription was created for my current home, the old home's name was stored as the home name for Nest Aware. All billing communications I get from Google about my Nest Aware subscription say "your subscription for <OLD_HOME>" and I cannot find anyway to update this.
The old home's name does not appear in any Google products or applications, as far as I can tell. The subscription is working correctly for my current home, but it is very confusing to get these emails.

Is there an action I can take which will push the correct name to the Nest Aware subscription system, or should I call Google and tell them to refresh it?




You could try the "Contact Us" link under "Nest Aware Premier Care" on the page below to "Get 24/7 access to Nest Aware Experts on the Nest Customer Care team. They’re available to answer questions, help you access features, and manage your subscription."

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Community Specialist

Hello jhoule86,


Checking in — did you get a chance to try the steps shared by MplsCustomer? If so, how did it go? Let me know if you need more help.

I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer.