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Delayed phone notifications

Community Member

Not sure if this is a Nest or a Pixel 7 Pro issue, but I'm getting seriously delayed notifications when someone appears in front of my wired nest doorbells. Yesterday I got one that was 54 minutes late. I tried restarting the phone, turning off adaptive battery, and giving the Nest app unrestricted battery access but nothing worked. Any ideas on how to solve this?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Kholar 

Read about some reports by cleaning up the unknown faces within the Nest Doorbell settings.
Maybe also be worth a shot to set your doorbell as a priority device on your router if possible.

Community Member

So I have been having this issue for about a week or so on my P7P. I have always given nest unrestricted battery access before and never had a problem. I am guessing it is a server side issue because my phone will recognize it was 7 minutes ago (or whatever) when the notification comes. I am guessing it might have something to do with the nest integration with Google home but hoping someone from Google/nest will chime in. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


Thank you for posting and sharing your efforts to resolve your concern. I apologize that the Nest device isn’t working properly.


A few questions: what generation of wired Nest doorbell do you have? Does it happen on multiple devices? Have you tried switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data? Was the event detected and recorded in the event history? Also, are you using the Google Home or the Nest app?


Let’s try the steps below (trigger a notification after each step):


  1. Sign in to your account on another mobile device and test.
  2. Connect the Nest device to a different network (Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Let me know how it goes.


I appreciate the help, RXShorty.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everybody,


I'm dropping by to ensure that everything is covered here. How's it going? We would appreciate it if you could share the information we're asking above. Also, were you able to perform the steps we're suggesting? We'd be glad to hear from you.


I appreciate the help, RXShorty and Lance.




Community Member

It looks like the issue disappeared after two system updates to my Pixel 7 Pro this week. I didn't change anything. The updates from Nest are now immediate. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,

I'm glad to hear that you can now receive your Nest notification without any delay. As we've got our resolution here, I'm going to mark this one as resolved. Please feel free to open up a new thread if you need assistance.