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How to cancel / transfer nest aware

Community Member

Nest aware is totally pathetic. Google/Nest should have thought through this more before charging and providing this service. They charge you annually for example, and if you sell your house they are not going to issue refund even if it is for months of unused service. Imagine having to pay for Gas or Electric service on a house that you sold and don't own any more? In some ways these Nest aware services should be treated like utility / security service - you use and pay for them till you own the house and make transfer of service easy and seamless. I talked to agent to get the service canceled and refunded for unused months because I sold my home with Nest cameras and door bell so I don't have any use of their service right now. But the agent and her supervisor looked completely clueless and inept at being able to resolve the issue. They would be happy collecting money from both old and new owners for the service... didn't really expect this from Google brand that I trusted (until this incidence) to be more of a commonsense company that is and can make tons of money by providing quality products and services instead of having to have these gimmick/ridiculous/unfriendly policies.