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It's 'New Coke' all over again! 😑

Community Member

Some of us Gen Z elders remember how marketing idiots ruined Coke (Nest any and everything from devices to app) and infuriated the world by fixing something that wasn't broken with 'New Coke' (Google Home, Nest Ring, etc...).  You see what happened to lifelong loyal 'Coke' consumers, right?  We drank water until 'Coke Classic' returned.  Only some realized water was better for em anyway!  Just sayin... Google junked up a real good thing.  RIP 'Nest Classic'.

The Don

Community Member

So this is why I cannot connect my new Nest Indoor/Outdoor camera to the NEST app, only HOME?!?!?

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Aportafay 

Yes all new Nest products only work on the Google Home app as Google is moving from the Nest app to Google Home.