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Moving to new home fiasco.

Community Member

I just moved to a new home. I am currently in the middle of an annual nest aware plus subscription.

Because I did some renovation, both homes have been set up in Google home and nest fort the past two months.

Upon moving, I began setting up my devices. First, they all need factory reset and set up in the new home from scratch. Ok, fine. Done.

During the process I tapped ok for a nest protect trial. My mistake. Get to the end, realize the subscription is tied to a home. Start a support session because, hey, people move all the time, this is probably a simple fix. 

An hour later the support supervisor hangs up chat with me because I wasn't satisfied that there is no solution. No additional months added to the new home, no credit for remaining months on the old home. Literally no solution available, just want more money.

Here's the chat. I acknowledge I was a bit rude, which I usually never am with support. It's not their fault, but with this situation, good grief.


Anyone gotten this fixed?

You’re connected with agent Nayla .
1:22 PM
Hi Nate Zimmerman, welcome to Google Support! My name is Nayla . In case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, the Chat ID for this interaction is 0-2282000032583. How can I help you today?
I understand you have a query regarding the movement of nest aware subscription to your new home.
Nayla · 1:23 PM
Hello Nayla, that's correct!
1:23 PM
Could you please help me with the structure name?
Nayla · 1:23 PM
The old home was labeled Keyes. The new home is Spooner
1:24 PM
Thank you for the information.
You have reached the Google Store support team. Looks like this can be best handle by a different team. Please allow me 2-3 mins while I get you connected to the right team.
Nayla · 1:26 PM
Ok, thanks
1:26 PM
You’re connected with agent Jonathan M.
1:26 PM
Nayla left the chat.
1:26 PM
Hi!. Welcome to Google Nest Camera support. My name is Jonathan M. For future reference, your case ID is 0-2282000032583 . How are you today?
Jonathan M · 1:27 PM
Doing well, thank you
1:27 PM
I see that you want to move Nest Aware subscription plan to new Home structure, right?
Jonathan M · 1:28 PM
That's correct!
1:28 PM
I understand your concern.
Jonathan M · 1:28 PM
The old home was labeled Keyes, the new home is Spooner
1:28 PM
Rest assured, I will be happy to help you with this.
I've sent an email requesting access to your registered Google Nest Account email address. Once you accept the prompt, this will allow us to check and view information in your Google Nest Account for 90 minutes. I can't make any changes to your account information. This simply allows me to see additional details like security history and current device statuses and metrics.
Jonathan M · 1:29 PM
I've accepted
1:30 PM
Thank you.
I see that old home was labeled Keyes. The new home is Spooner both have the active Nest Aware 2nd subscription plans.
So we do not have the option to move the Nest aware plan as there are active subscriptions on both home structures.
Jonathan M · 1:35 PM
The new home, Spooner, is active because setting up the old devices at the new home started a trial
Should I click cancel on it?
1:36 PM
In this case, please upgrade your Nest Aware base plan on Spooner home structure to Nest Aware plus plan.
Jonathan M · 1:36 PM
How does that trigger a refund of the time remaining on Keyes?
1:36 PM
The prorated refund will be for home structure on which you upgrade the plan from Nest Aware base to Nest Aware plus.
Jonathan M · 1:39 PM
I think you are misunderstanding
Spooner has a 30 day trial that started today
Keyes has a one year subscription good through June 20th
1:40 PM
And you can wait till July and then cancel the subscription on Keyes home structure. And Keyes already have the Nest Aware plus plan we cannot make any changes to get any sort of refund.
Jonathan M · 1:40 PM
I no longer live at Keyes
Then I want you to completely cancel the spooner subscription effective immediately
1:41 PM
I wish I could help you cancelling the subscriptions, but I am sorry as we do not have the option.
Jonathan M · 1:43 PM
Then transfer me to someone else
Your system can't be this broken
1:43 PM
In this case, the best option is to cancel the Nest Aware plans for Keyes as you no longer stay there and also you want to cancel subscription for Spooner by following steps from below link.
Is the above link accessible?
Jonathan M · 1:46 PM
Please just transfer me to someone else
1:47 PM
Sure, I am checking this with my resources.
Please allow me two minutes.
Jonathan M · 1:48 PM
1:49 PM
You are welcome.
As this is taking more than expected time, please allow me 5 minutes.
Jonathan M · 1:53 PM
1:53 PM
Thank you.
I respect your time and patience.
I have checked this with my end.
I am going to escalate the case to my senior support for further assistance.
Jonathan M · 1:58 PM
Sounds great
1:58 PM
Please stay connected while I transfer the chat.
Jonathan M · 1:58 PM
You’re connected with agent Emily.
2:00 PM
Hello Nate. Thanks for contacting Google Nest. This is Emily from the Senior specialist team. I’m here to help.
Please allow me 5 minutes while I review the case details and get back to you.
Emily · 2:00 PM
Hi Emily, thank you
Jonathan M left the chat.
2:01 PM
Tldr, I moved to a new house this week and want to move the time remaining on my nest aware subscription to the new house. Seems like the problem is that I allowed a trial to start at the new home when I reset and set up the old devices.
Seems like cancelling the trial, then transferring the subscription would make the most sense, but the last support person wasnt able to do that
2:03 PM
Thank you for waiting.
I see that you are looking to move the active Gen 2 subscription to a different structure, am I right?
Emily · 2:05 PM
I would like to move the active nest aware plus subscription from Keyes to Spooner.
2:06 PM
I completely understand your concern, but we cannot move the subscription from one structure to other.
Instead we will need to cancel the subscription and I'm afraid that the refund wouldn't be provided for the Gen 2 subscription.
Emily · 2:08 PM
So what do people do when they move mid-year? Just lose all the money we paid for year long subscriptions?
2:09 PM
I certainly understand and would like to help, but unfortunately, there's nothing we can do.
Emily · 2:09 PM
If you can't refund the difference, add additional months onto the new home
2:09 PM
I really wish I could help you with the complimentary of two months subscription, but I'm unable to do so.
Emily · 2:12 PM
Or if you prefer, I can just have the credit card company issue a refund for failure to provide service?
I'm really trying to let you (Google) dolce the problem. You must get this all the time
2:13 PM
This situation is difficult, you can submit feedback via your Google Home app. We're always looking for ways to improve our service, and will certainly take your suggestions into consideration.
Emily · 2:14 PM
Want to escalate my case to manager level, please?
2:14 PM
I am one of the floor supervisors here. I am empowered to make decisions in a supervisory capacity on behalf of Nest.
Emily · 2:14 PM
In that case, how do you solve home moves with annual subscriptions?
2:15 PM
I've given you the answer, and I have other customers who need my assistance, so I'll be ending this call or chat now. Thank you for contacting Google support and have a good day







This is appalling. The Google Nest Support people you talked to refused to transfer your existing Nest Aware subscription to your new home or to issue you a refund on your existing subscription, even though Google Nest Support has done so for other customers: