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NEST/GOOGLE migration / aware

Community Member

So, I have been a nest cam user for years. Very happy with the app and cameras and my nest aware subscription. 

Had to use a gmail account for nest a few yrs ago I guess migration? 

Purchased a set of new google nest cameras today. Couldn't add them to my NEST app only had to do it all in google home. No problem all added. But I can't add them to my NEST app and I've since upgraded my nest app aware subscription too but im concerned this subscription will be for all my old NEST outdoor cams (3 all still viewable on the nest app) And I'll not be getting the benefit on the 5 new google home cameras. Now I have 2 app, Google home with the new cameras and NEST with the 3 old. Ho does one join them all up or bring them into the NEST app which the family is all used to?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

If you're using the same home structure in both apps, and you have a Gen 2 Nest Aware subscription, that covers all your cameras in the same home structure across both apps.