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Nest Aware Double Charge? Check Your Bank Statements

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Unbelievable that I am STILL being double charged for Nest Aware.  It has been THREE YEARS since the migration to Google and they expect us to believe they didn't notice hundreds of accounts being double charged?? Well, they should have resolved my measly $300 claim because now... it's on.

ANYONE ELSE HERE STILL BEING DOUBLE CHARGED? You have to really look, because the charges are spaced out JUST enough that your monthly statement isn't going to show both charges on one page. Nice touch, Google.

I'm confident there are many many more of us out here than is reflected in this forum because most people are not seeing the duplicate charges due to how they are spaced on their monthly statement. 

Anyway, I used to litigate employee/corporate class actions and if I've ever seen a qualifying case... this is it.

I am happy to initiate a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT if there is interest in this community

PLEASE REPLY if you are interested and I'll personally take a head count to my attorney. We only need a handful of individuals to file the suit. Once the suit is filed and discovery begins, it's on Google to tell us how many people are currently being double charged.

It's time for these people to be accountable for their unscrupulous billing practices and refusal to refund.




Have you tried the "Contact Us" link under "Nest Aware Premier Care" on the page below to "Get 24/7 access to Nest Aware Experts on the Nest Customer Care team. They’re available to answer questions, help you access features, and manage your subscription."

Oh yes.  I was on hold for over an hour, then on the phone for another hour, then "escalated" however the "escalation team" flat out told the phone support person they refuse to speak with me directly and will only communicate via email with her. NOT with me. The customer. I've had it.

Also, the subscription cancelation button they suggested I use is currently broken, as is evidenced by every post in this forum for the past few days. How convenient. But I'm not going to use that button anyway because sure, I could cancel myself. But then I'll never get my $300 back.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello ArrEmm13,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. Let me help you out. Can you please share your case ID so that we can check if there is any update on your case?

Thank for the help, @MplsCustomer.


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Actually Edmond, I appreciate your note but... no thanks.

I do have a reference number however as I mentioned before, I have already spent hours in good faith trying to resolve my own account discrepancies. The time for selfishness is passed.

When I realized the problem is likely far more widespread, my goal shifted and now I'm inspired to get everyone their money back. Not just myself.

Good luck with your choice of employer!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, 

I genuinely understand the inconvenience you have faced. Usually, if your case has already been elevated to our escalation team, it might take 24-48 hours to get an update via email, depending on the case. They will verify if the request has been processed and how long it will take to reflect on your account. Please, if you have any questions or need further help, let me know.


Hey Edmond,

you are act like a crook. Why can’t we talk to you by phone. Give us some information to use. 
contact number?

This just happened to me. Can you explain how you resolved your issue. I stopped payment at the back. But I’m not sure the work try again. 
still can’t talk to a person.


My cancel button is broken too. However, I have evidence in corresponding via chat to their customer service that had I been able to cancel it now and if it went through, they would refund me the full amount due (which is around $400 since March 2022). I have a hard time believing that would have been the case.  So feel free to try to cancel, maybe you'll have better luck.


I am not an attorney, but I certainly have plenty of colleagues.  I believe it's possible I will eventually get my $400 back, but I am concerned many others do not realize they are being double charged.

I've tried to elevate the issue through these channels right now:

  1. Submitted a complaint to CA dept of consumer affairs
  2. Made a story pitch the The Verge
  3. Submitted my first ever request for a class action lawsuit to the first firm that came up on google

I don't really know if any of those requests will make it through their respective gauntlets, but I have media contacts from my profession, and also have attorney contacts that likely know class action folks.

I really don't care how they get there--by reading this post, or through media, or lawsuit--I just want Google to do the right thing here and refund the people they are defrauding.  Double charging is such an easy thing for a system to flag--hotels check for this all the time.  I can't imagine this has not come up in a fiscal report already.


I believe you are apart of the scam. You responded to my post as if you were surprised I was charged 300.00.

your link doesn’t work and you are dishonest as well. 
give a telephone number to call.


I just tried the link ( and it is working.

I did some searching and discovered that there is/was a 1st gen Nest Aware option where you could get 30 days of 24/7 recording for $30/month or $300/year; I'm sorry; I did not know there was such an expensive option.

The only way I know of to contact Google Nest Support is through the "Contact us" link.

When you go to the link I provided:

Select a category/product family, and type in a brief description of the issue, then click "Next".
Click "Other", then click "Next step".
Under "Resources", just click "Next step". (Clicking one of the listed links will bring up a Help page page.)
Under "Contact options", choose to get a phone call or chat with the team or email, depending on availability in your country and the time of day.

Whenever I've tried it, I've been able to get a phone callback pretty quickly,

You could also fill out the form that EdmondB asked you to fill out on the other thread.


Community Member

Count me in. I just caught this today.  I am so angry about this situation, I've gone down a rabbit hole of forum posts over the past few hours.  My experience with chatting customer support was similar to others--they escalated it, and I'll allegedly hear from them in 5 days from their senior support.

What's most upsetting is that their website won't even let me cancel, so I will keep getting billed until Google does something on their end. I have not contacted Amex yet because I don't want Google to then cancel all my accounts.

They also tried to tell me I should have cancelled the legacy nest aware myself when I upgraded to nest, which is bananas. Here's the website language that implies otherwise:


Upgrade to the new Nest Aware.
All devices in your home. One low price.

Subscriptions start at just $8/month for all your Nest cameras, speakers, and displays with more history and new intelligent alerts.

You'll get a refund for the time left on your current plan.

Community Member

This is scam and I’m going to contact an attorney. I’m real thinking about switching to Ring equipment and start a complaint campaign over social media about this **bleep**.

 I will write to google corporate for a remedy. This community forum bull**bleep** is all apart of the scam, I believe. The California State attorney and the BBB should be notified, as well.

Edmond B. Is another crook. You two are no help 

it is crazy that a person has to jump through hoops with a big company as Google.

where are the help experts? Asleep?



Most responses in this forum come from ordinary customers like you.

As with most things sold these days, Google Nest devices are sold with a binding arbitration agreement (though there may be some obscure way to opt out of it), so instead of hassling with an attorney that may not be able to help, try using the link I provided, or the form that @EdmondB  provided on the other thread.

I agree that Google Nest should just have published Support numbers, and its crazy to have to jump through hoops to contact Support.

You sound like you are ok with getting **bleep**ed out your money. I don’t like been played with or the run around. 
now these assholes have me on hold on listening to music waiting for help. 
thank for your help!

I just got off telephone with technician support, who forwarded my complaint to another department 5min ago.

waiting for another call back from them.

nest lads CAD  3400 Hillview Ave Palo Alto California 94304  telephone number (650) 331-1127 is the merchant information from my bank statement.


Big tech companies like Google/Nest are **bleep**ing customers out of their money and acting like they are unaware there’s a problem. Then, want to give you the runaround when you discover the **bleep**ing.

The California attorney office should look into this practice. Google needs to investigate this practice.

Lets start exposing Google for this criminal act. 



Oh hey, legal department. Nice to see you. Trying to distract us so we don't organize? 


Too late.


I'm not anyone's "legal department", just another Google Nest customer like you.

Community Member

I am interested. This is not right. Google Nest are crooks. I tried to contact Nest lab at the number on my bank statement and no longer assessable to public. The website information on statement also is suspicious. It goes to news site.

it is a possible inside fraud operation by a group of employees at Nest lab (855-4696378) where my money was sent to 8-29-2023


I just got off telephone with technician support from the Philippines . She tried to locate why I have money going to NestLabsCAD. She could not find any such transaction for my account. She show I started my Nest AwarePlus for 120.00 per year starting December 2022.  Renewal scheduled for January 2024.

The problem started November 2022 ,when I replaced my old Nest doorbell camera after 3 years. Before doing so, I renewed my old nest aware (300.00) per year one.
They did not  migrate my  old nest aware with the New replacement camera, instead offered a new trial Nest Aware plus with is purchased after the trial period.
The old nest aware subscription was not cancelled at the replacement/transaction and remains in effect. 
The problem is Nest Labs CAD was the sole merchant before the merger with Google. 
My old nest account info is no long available in the current Google/nest system. There is a problem with migration of information.

Google needs to have a system in place to address the customer problems and concerns without hours of research by the customer.

The tech advice to stop payment from bank.

I already did upon discovery, but will it happen again? This was a new credit card number and Nest Lab was able to bill my new card with contacting me. 
Still no response from Nest Lab CAD.






So Google Nest has two different billing systems for Nest Aware subscriptions.  That's not good.  Even the current system is cumbersome, given the reports in this forum of customers having trouble updating or canceling subscriptions.  And there's no way to update a monthly subscription to an annual subscription.

@EdmondB , can you check on your end to make sure @Lamont1526 gets a response from Nest Labs CAD? They should not have to resort to a stop payment by their bank to cancel a Nest Aware subscription that Google Nest itself is unable to access.

Oh hey, Legal Department! Did I touch a nerve? Why are you suddenly working so hard to get people's money back? Hmm. 


Sigh. Again, I'm not anyone's "legal department". I'm just another Google Nest customer.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

@Lamont1526, we'd like to know more about this. Please fill out this form so we could investigate further. 

@Obespalov, i’m glad it’s resolved now and you’re able to get the refund. If you need further help, let me know. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Lamont1526, 

We got your form — thanks for filling it out. Our team will reach out to you via email anytime soon. 


Community Member

No update from customer service yet, but some progress--it appears they manually cancelled my legacy nest subscription, so hopefully that will stop the auto renewals. For me personally, all I need now is a refund and I'm set.


I'll reach out in a day to check on my ticket.

Update--they refunded my full double billed amount.  Haven't heard from them but saw on my credit card a refund. I still hope that they do this en masse for all impacted users, but for those stumbling on this post I want to at least provide you some hope that on an individual basis they are able to resolve this if you contact customer service.