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Nest Aware Legacy Subscription Cancelled due to expired debit card in Nest's file, but not Google's

Community Member

So, I have had Nest Aware for about 2 years and recently it was cancelled because our debit card on file with Nest expired.  My issue is a couple of things, I migrated my account to google months ago and was under the impression my payments would be pulled from Google.  I received an email that my payment hadn't gone through in August and immediately knew it was because my old debit card expired and updated my debit card with Google and didn't think about it again.  But according to Nest, they were still using my old card on their end on the original site since I signed up long before Google took them over.  2nd issue is, NEVER once did I get a message or alert in the app in the "Messages" area warning that payment had failed or my account was about to be canceled with all the other messages they deemed were important enough to send us with account alerts and updates.  We are in the app daily to mess with the thermostat or check for doorbell rings...we would have seen that immediately and inquired about it.

Called support and was told since my sub lapsed that I can no longer have the old $5/month "Legacy" plan with 5 days of 24/7 recording and had to do the new $12/month plan to have 24/7 recording.  I explained my frustration with this since I was under the impression my payment was through google (since we had migrated) and we never had an alert or message in the app.  The gentleman helping me (after a long conversation)  said he called a specialist and said he could take me back to the old plan with a few tweaks to the system and not to worry.  Well, I waited 48 hours with no NestAware service and nothing happened on my end so I called again today only to be told he misspoke and they will not do that and that it was impossible.

SO, I feel like they purposefully didn't send me alerts so it would lapse and I would have to do the more expensive plan.  I am pretty frustrated and don't understand why one person said it's possible and the says it's not.