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Awful awful nest aware

Google.cameras x 3: All miss events now!notifications to phone: takes anything from 1 to 5 minutes. Any burglars will have robbed us and had time to get home!Can I get a refund for all 3 cameras and my subscription from the time you ruined what was a...

Migrating to Google Nest Aware

I have 1st generation Nest aware and not that I've added two more cameras, I can't get them to record unless I migrate to google home. I am getting an error that says that the account is already being used. I am going from a yahoo email to a gmail ac...

AlexW by Community Member
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Nest aware history keeps freezing

The history on all of my cameras and across all of my devices (iPhone and Web) freezes and won’t play. it makes having nest aware pointless - I can’t see any of the actual history

cincy85 by Community Member
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Trouble with aware

I have addedNest aware and haven’t seen anymore history than I already have. It’s on the Nest app, I tried loading camera on Google home app but it won’t accept it

Mike612 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam not working with Nest Aware

Hi! We have one camera at our house that seems not to work or recognize the nest aware subscription. We can’t set zones and the playback of any clips only comes through as a still image. I tried unplugging/plugging in again which didn’t work, and the...

alenzin by Community Member
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Help!! Me!!

If I add a nest aware subscription or some type of subscription today will I be able to view something from a few days ago? Or would I have had to have the subscription at that time and have recorded it? I need the video for an important even coming ...

DeonSand7 by Community Member
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Video Clip Sliders can't be moved (resolved)

I ran into this problem a while back, where if you tried to create a time lapse video, the sliders would immediately clap together (to make a 0-minute clip).Here's the original posting (from someone else).The issue appeared be that I was at my storag...

shutton by Community Member
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Camera missing events

I have had my Nest cameras for years now and it seems I've been having the most issues lately. I literally had an Amazon delivery driver walk on my property and my camera did not alert me nor pick up the motion. My backyard camera did but not my driv...

KellyM84 by Community Member
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