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Resolved! Nest Aware Free Trial Subscription

So, here is the situation. We just got (35 to 40 days ago) a Nest Camera and mounted it. We were enjoying the free subscription till it ran out a couple of days ago. I had meant to renew it; however, didn't get around to doing so till earlier today. ...

Timor by Community Member
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Not able to subscribe to nest aware

I used to have a nest aware Password and it's not functioning for some reason. I tried doing a password reset and it says I got an email sent to my inbox to reset but I never receive an email. Any suggestions on what to do?

Wichoacan by Community Member
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nest aware subscription

my nest aware subscription isn't showing.Lost access to my old Gmail account when transferring from pixel 3 to new pixel 6 pro. Created a new Gmail account, all was well until my google home glitched so I had to reset up all my devices (Wired Doorbel...

rob772 by Community Member
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How to cancel / transfer nest aware

Nest aware is totally pathetic. Google/Nest should have thought through this more before charging and providing this service. They charge you annually for example, and if you sell your house they are not going to issue refund even if it is for months...

kbiyani by Community Member
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Cameras have disconnected from app.

My doorbell and indoor cameras suddenly no longer show up on the Nest Aware app.. They worked fine for a couple of years til today. I tried to reinstall the cameras but Google says they are already connected to another account and of course there is ...

Dave9177 by Community Member
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Nest Aware not saving recorded events in history

I have the Nest Aware subscription and according to the subscription Google is supposed to save detected events for the past 30 days. Somehow I am not able to see anything in the history except for most recent events (within few hours - length kind o...

Shyalhaze by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Nest Aware Subscriptions? Almost ready to dump the entire system.

Been having a subs issue after relocating. I was wondering if others have experienced the same. If so, do share how you resolved.Back in the fall of 2021, I moved to a new dwelling and tried to set up my Nest Aware + Camera system. I ran into issues ...

Google Nest Refunds

Our Nest broke in December and as it was under warrantee a new one was sent with instructions on obtaining a refund for an engineer to replace . I began the refund process in the end of Jan delayed due to Christmas and other issues. However having se...