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Nest deleted my video history

Community Member

I got new cameras on September 19th. I am a Nest user for the last 6 years. I’ve always been subscribed to the service so I know how to use it. However, the new cameras which are also battery powered, came with a 60 day subscription. Apparently, this subscription EXPIRED and Google nor Nest sent me a single email to let me know this so I could subscribe to the Nest Aware and NOT LOSE my 60 days of video history. Out of all the useless emails Google sends me ALL THE TIME, was it too much to ask for to get an actual useful reminder of this so that there was no interruption in service, so that I could also be aware my cameras WERE NO LONGER RECORDING more than 3 hours, and find out by coincidence about it while changing settings on my camera!?!?! Google already had my credit card saved in the system because I am guessing I added it when I got the cameras and activated the subscription so that when the trial ended, my subscription would begin immediately!!! Thanks for the horrible service Google. On top of it all, there is no longer any type of customer service and impossible to reach a live agent who can help me with this instead of wasting my time typing all of it just so I can repeat it to an agent if they ever contact me! UGH.