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I went through the normal process of factory resetting the google home mini but when I got to the part of linking the account it would pop up with error code kGSKErrorDomain error -9807. What should I do?

Sabina by Community Member
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Video clips of notifications not playing

My notifications are popping up on my phone that a person is at my door. I go to look at the past video that was no more than five seconds ago and video will not work. It’s just a screenshot. The live feed works, but just a screenshot on past videos....

martenskc by Community Member
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NEST Aware access

Hello Google NEST Users I see from my recent bank details that I was successfully charged on 28th November for an annual subscription to Nest Aware. Although I have e-mailed the Google Nest Support e-mail to get the account activated, it appears that...

Paul75 by Community Member
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Presence Sensing

I have live with two adults who work different hours than myself. How do can I use google Presence sensing to turn on the porch light and a light inside when they come home if I am already in the house?

Nest aware not recording on external cameras

So frustrating. I’ve had nest aware for 6 months and recent noticed there is no recording past 2-3 hours on several cameras. Nest says to login through google to view history but it seems to glitch every time & wont send reset password email either

Barbie321 by Community Member
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Video Clip Sliders can't be moved

If I want to create a video clip, the sliders to select the time frame do not move anymore all of a sudden. I can't grab them and select the time frame. Tried multiple browsers.

NestHub 2ª Gen Google

I bought a Nest Hub 2 Gen system today. They said it came with the PT_BR language available, but I can't find this configuration. Does anyone know if it is possible to configure in PT or PT-BR? If so how do I do it? Thanks

Paulo by Community Member
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Video clip is not saved correctly

I have a Nest Hello (among other cameras). Today I had something going on that I wanted to save as a clip. However, after marking in and out and then saving the final clip is way shorter that what I set. I have also tried to split in smaller clips an...