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Adding Nest Protect Smoke Detector to Google Home app

Community Member

July 2023 - I just purchased and installed 2 google nest protect smoke alarms.

Can I get a straight answer - can they be seen and controlled in the Google Home app?  If not, why not?


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No , it is on the roadmap they said ... 

Waiting for this as well for YEARS 

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

As above, currently they can't be seen as they have not yet been integrated into Google home, they are on the native nest app.  Saying this it is being worked on , so hopefully soon?

Also at this point, i feel it is important to let people know not to expect google home integration at all, and to not let the hope of possibly having that feature be the reason they dont return their devices.

The user deserves to know accurate information to help them decide if the product they just spent hundreds on will do what it is advertised to do and what the user expected. 


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Speak with your wallet and return these to the store. They will not likely ever be in google home, because Google bought Nest to take what they wanted from it, and let the rest rot.

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Curious, I have the protect and have for a few years now, never had the need to view it in my google home app, living in the nest app suits me fine for now, eventually it will migrate.  Curious what the benefit would be ?  Just thinking out loud here , yea having everything in one app is ideal , but what's the sense of urgency? How does it actually hurt the user experience right now? 

Benefit would be and it is a major one ,to use them in automation :
Alarm trigger annouceement in all speaker,   lights flash red , notification on the phone ect ... 

But it s been 7 years , so i think our nest protect will expire before intergration ... 


I have treated my protect detectors as a simple interconnected alarm system with zero smart or app function for years as the nest app has issues that i cannot rely on. If the Nest app did what it was capable of when i bought the detectors, it'd be fine to stay in the nest app alone. The urgency is that from Google's track record, "eventually" means never. 


The product marketing shows cropped screenshots to show app functions without disclosing the app it uses. (A user would expect a google product to work in Google Home, but it seems convenient to not mention this doesnt work.)

My smart home app folder has multiple pages on it. Each manufacturer app, then a hub type app that supports MOST devices. I want one app that can control everything. Many manufacturers want the "as a service" model and dont want to allow outside control. 



The nest app doesnt see any targeted development (does it get any dev?) it does not issue notifications to my device. It cant successfully silence alarms from the app, not being in Home is the reason i did not continue with plans to buy more nest products. It is easy for a company to announce progress in development without giving away secrets or setting firm deadlines. But with zero communication, and only getting a reply saying "its on the roadmap " after several years and pressure from users, doesn't give us any confidence it will happen. (Sounds like a partner saying theyll get around to that project someday.)


It was suggested i would be able to use the home/away sensors in Home integrations (doesnt work) and maybe if it was in home, i could program safety improving scenes, like a co alarm shutting down the furnace (nest used to advertise this function with its thermostat. Is that still a thing?) Or a fire alarm turning on all lights, opening blinds, shutting down fans, pausing music or movies, texting contacts, etc.