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Placement of Nest and CO detection

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Where should I place the Nest Protect for a utility room with a gas water heater and gas furnace?  This room is usually closed off by a door and has two tiny non-functioning windows.  Knowing that CO is heavier than air, my concern is if I place it in the recommend area near the ceiling it will take too long to detect the CO level before it sounds an alarm if needed.  I have other Nest Protects in the house including one outside the room I am placing this in but because the door is almost always shut I wanted to put a Nest near the CO creating sources.  Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

To avoid nuisance alarms, carbon monoxide alarms should be 15-20 feet from water heaters or furnaces. Regulations actually recommend against installing combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in furnace rooms, or any room that contains a water heater or a furnace.

Rooms in your home that need a Nest Protect - Google Nest Help

Hope that helps!

I understand this and saw this information in the installation instructions.  I am an EMT and have seen what happens when there is a door that separates the CO detector from the possible sources.  I have no problem installing the detector on the opposite end of the room.  We purchased this separate detector because I was wondering about the currently placed sensor's ability to detect a harmful level of CO when the door is shut.  I know that CO is heavier than air, but am concerned that by the time the sensor located outside the door detects harmfuls CO levels it will be too high in the closed utility room for anyone in there.  This room is divided off from a finished basement and includes the washer/dryer, circut breaker box and radon remediation equipment; thus the purpose of the door being closed. My plan is to place the sensor on the opposite end of the room so the 15-20 feet installation requirement will be accomplished.  I just wanted to know if I could mount the sensor midway on the wall instead of closer to the ceiling for the CO levels.  Thanks 🙂🚑