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Can a wired Nest Protect operation only in battery mode?

Community Member

I have a wired Nest Protect (use 3 batteries) and after I moved to a different place, I find that this new place does not have the wired connection for smoke alarms. So I wonder, can a wired Nest Protect be used purely in battery mode? if so, will it last not as long as the battery version (which I think has six batteries)?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You can use the wire Nest Protect as a battery-only device but it is not recommended and it will drain the batteries real fast.

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@pasu857, in addition to what was mentioned above, the Wired Protect uses its backup batteries to keep all features up and running. It is designed to have a multiple-year battery life. If you have a consistent source of power, the backup batteries should last the life of the Protect.


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