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Can't connect Next Protect to new Wifi

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I have 3 Next Protect detectors, I have two Gen 1 and one Gen 2. I just recently switched to AT&T fiber internet connectivity. I have a TP-Link mesh with a 2.4 and 5.0 broadcast. I have been able to reconnect my other Nest Products (thermostat & cameras) to the 2.4 network, but I have not been able to get my Nest Protects to reconnect.

I have followed all of the instructions in the documentation including reseting to factory default, and I still cannot get it to connect. 


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I had the same problem. and followed all the same instructions that didn't work.  I finally took all four of mine down, Erased them from my nest app and renamed them one at a time when I added them as a new product.  It finally let me put in my new wifi password and they are working.  

Community Member

Thanks for your response.

What you described worked for my video camera, and thermostat, but my nest protect smoke detectors are still offline, and won't re-add to the system after I completely removed them.