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Extremely hot battery in Nest Protect

Community Member

I woke up at 12:30am tonight to a low battery cheeping noise in my smoke detector.

I went to check it out and the back side of the Nest Protect was extremely hot.

I opened the battery panel on the back and one of the batteries was too hot to touch. It felt like it was on fire.

I took all the batteries out and the battery cooled down. The batteries that are in all 4 of my Nest Protect alarms are the recommended Emergizer Lithium Ion batteries.

I have noticed there are quite a few other people that have posted about this in the past but the comments have been locked. Has anyone else recently had this issue?


Community Member

Just happened to me a few minutes ago. Exactly the same issue as everyone else. I was using the batteries that came with the nest protect after purchase.

Community Member

Same here last night. Two batteries were scorching hot! All topics about this seem closed without any answers.

Community Member

After contacting customer support and providing some further Information I got a replacement right away. There was no explanation for the failure though.

Community Member

This just happened to me. Battery was almost too hot to touch.