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False alarm between 3-4 am "FIRE FIRE"

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Gabriel Grigonis 

You have given me a standard answer to my question.  Let us try again,  Pleases read thru this time.   
Around 4 am both times a month apart the Gen 2 did the following:  It said "FIRE FIRE"  I took it down the first time and checked the sensors on both units, as I am a licensed electrician and have installed a bunch of these. I also ran a test on the unit and the app shows all good on regular self-tests. I also made sure that it does not run tests at night.
It did not do any of the following either time:
  • The Nest app says “There is a problem with the smoke sensor.”
  • Nest Protect chirps continuously (one chirp per minute).
  • With Nightly Promise, Nest Protect will have a yellow ring. It will also sound a Heads-Up alert that says “Heads-Up. The sensors have failed in the [name of room]. Replace Nest Protect now."
  • When you press Nest Protect’s button, the light ring will turn yellow and Nest Protect will tell you that the sensors have failed.
  • Nest Protect sounds an Emergency Alarm saying there’s smoke, even though there isn’t."
I repeat it states "FIRE FIRE"

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hey Gabriel,
Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with the device. I would like to jump in and see if I could be of help. Thanks for letting me know of the troubleshooting steps you have tried. Do you mind me asking where you have the device installed? Do you maybe live in a high humid area, or have that next to a vent/bathroom? If you have cleaned the device of all dust particles, there is a chance steam may be setting that off. Here is an article with more details. Please let me know if that helps.
-From Jake K, Community Specialist.