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Google Home App -- Wi-Fi / WPA 3. Google needs to put a a pop up warning for Nest Protect Owners

Community Member

Hey, Google Team who designed the Googe Home app with the Wi-fi (selection.

Could you kindly add a simple warning to users before they select the "WPA3" tab like this?

WPA3 is NOT compatible with the following Google / Nest products: 

-Nest Protect Gen 1 & Gen 2

- And other known Google / Nest devices which do not support WPA3

A small pop up warning would have saved me from wasting 6+ hours (reading your forums and two phone calls to your Nest support team) trying to reconnect my  7 Nest Protects to my account only to learn you can't reconnect them due to the Google small wifi signal being sent from Nest Thermostats /Hello, which the Nest Protects can't connect to even it they are touching each other.  


If Google could at least admit on one of their support pages, that these products aren't WPA3 compatible it would be nice to the consumers who purchased your systems.


Thanks to Michael at Nest Protect Support who knew all Nest Protects must be removed from the Nest app and reset to factory settings then added back to a New Home.  Nope, you can't get them back in the app the way they were before.  Per the Nest Support Team, the way to fix this is to put Nest Protects in their own Home, and the Nest Thermostats / Hello in the original home.  Clunky to look at in the Nest app, but it works.


Hope the Google Home App gets a complete overhaul with a user interface that is easier to read with popup warnings and notifications of what products support Matter and Thread.  


Not adding or changing anything in my house/network anytime soon.  Google should give the people who designed that Google Home App the exit door.  Truly a miserable experience that hopefully, nobody else gets to experience because Google couldn't take the time to state which of their products DO NOT work with WPA3.