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Changed home WiFi - unable to connect Nest Protects to new WiFi

Community Member


I set up my two nest protects to our home WiFi a few weeks back however due to internet issues I had to get a new modem and therefore I now have a new WiFi network. I cannot work out how to connect the nest protects to the new network. I connect to the nests via my iPhone app but nothing happens as far as connecting to the new WiFi. Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks, Steve


Community Member

I'm having the same issue.  I try to update the wi-fi settings via the app but it won't connect to the protect.  It just says connecting and been that way for 30 minutes.

Community Member

Have you resolved the issue?  And, if so, what did you do?  I updated to a new router & cannot connect my Protect.  Thanks in advance.

Community Member

I resolved the issue by resetting the nest protects back to factory settings and going through the set up process to connect them to my wi-fi. 

Community Member

I did the same - was super easy.