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Google is making Nest Protect obsolete because of ADT partnership

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Im ready to pull all the google home equipment out of my house.  I purchased the original Nest Thermostat, loved, and still love it.  Nest Protect is fantastic.  Google has completely destroyed Nest product line and the Nest brand.  


The transfer to ADT is terrible.  It looks as if they are offering a comparable package but they are NOT.  


The ADT system lacks the NFC key fab convenience.  It doesn't integrate with the existing Nest app meaning I have to bring yet another app that I did not want into my life.  And if you added anything beyond the original two door/window sensors (as most people did): Google does not care and will provide no support to replace them.  All they do is lock you into a future relationship with ADT or have you put more Google product into your home.   


It is clear that this is the part of the partnership between Google and ADT where Google forces ADT on its existing customer base.  It is a disgusting way to treat the average consumer that USED to believe in the Google brand.  @madebygoogle


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I put a lot of money into this security system.  I had several add on and everything is working fine.  I'm real mad.  I'm not going to ADT.  Could have done that before I bought the nest system.  

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I put a lot of money into this security system.  I had several add on and everything is working fine.  I'm real mad.  I'm not going to ADT.  Could have done that before I bought the nest system.  

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Let me tell you that you hit the nail right on the head my friend.


I accepted the welcome offer to ADT+ self setup kit with the year of free monitoring. I received my system about 3 weeks ago. 

The agent I initially spoke with entered my address incorrectly, I’m lucky I even received my kit! Shout out to FedEx for not being total trash like ADT! 

2nd, I got everything paired to the base station and got it all up and running. ADT+ advised me that I would be in “practice mode” for a week as not to call false alarms to the residence. 

After 9 days, the SIM card was still pending activation and practice mode was still enabled. I have had about 15 calls to ADT to remove this. Every time I call, they just literally find more and more problems with my account of why they cannot activate monitoring. These excuses range from permitting regulations (Don’t need one in my village per the superintendent), to I have duplicate accounts showing up, to we just don’t know anything but we will send a message to the non-existent back end department to help you. HOLY **bleep** MAN!


And now, NONE of the sensors are paired to the base station! They all randomly disappeared. So I do the work of prying them off of their locations in the house, got them all working except for one door sensor that is totally rogue and defective. 

And you’re going to love this one.. I PAID to get the key fobs for our keys. The thing looks like a life alert from my grandmas house and is a SOLID BRICK of plastic. 

Google bought a 15% stake in the worst security company ever instead of doing a deal with SimpliSafe or staying with Brinks to develop a better consumer residential solution and it shows. 

I’ve literally never been so angry or dissatisfied with a piece of technology in my life.. Not since blowing on the game cartridges of a Nintendo 64 after losing a level back in the early 2000s. 

Google I hope you read this and get your **bleep** together. Whoever did this ADT deal should 100% be fired for being an absolute moron, because I’m about to yank ALL my Google **bleep** out of my house and we’ve done business for years consistently! 

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Same terrible experience here. And the SIM pending activation is still a problem for me 4 weeks in. Sometimes it goes to connected just to revert back to SIM pending activation (all while under perfect coverage) and support is completely clueless as to how to fix it - or even understands how cell backup service works.   Did your SIM card activation every clear up?

i too had to call to remove the practice mode (didn’t automatically do it) but at least that a rare support person with some system understanding was able to fix on their end….

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Mine was able to finally get sorted out. You have to call ADT+ Troubleshooting at (877) 464-7437. Hope you get yours fixed too. If you have trouble, just keep threatening to cancel service today and they will eventually get you to someone who gives a **bleep**. The supervisor Miles can be asked for by name and he is extremely helpful. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We appreciate your thoughts and ideas about this concern. We’ll take note of it and ensure that we'll learn from your experience as we continually improve our products and services. Rest assured that we'll take this as feedback and learn from this to deliver a better process and experience in the future. Aside from your feedback, is there anything else we can help you with?


I appreciate your help, JoeyH.




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 My apologies for the expletives.. I’m sure a lot of customers are feeling the same way right now. 

Update: I am back into sim activation trouble since about 2 weeks after my last update stating that all my concerns were addressed. So I gave up. This system sucks. After the year of monitoring we’ve decided as a family we will likely get rid of all of our nest products and switch to SimpliSafe solutions to protect our home. It’s very unfortunate that the hasty ADT partnership took place without first gathering consumer feedback about all the things we LOVED with the Nest & Brinks equipment and monitoring. 

I speak for a lot of consumers when I say that I wish the remotes would be NFC capable like the old system. The base station also seems incredibly cheap and constantly malfunctions. 

When you are dealing with consumers trusting your products to protect the people we love the most and all of our possessions we’ve worked our entire lives to pay for, one would think that the engineers responsible would consider the ease of use factor and reliability that had been previously associated with Google’s reputation of giving us consumers these solutions until this terrible product family. 

Thanks for listening. I really do hope our feedback gets somewhere to improve everything and does not fall on deaf ears. 

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Do not get the ADT package google offered! I decided to try it out and the devices and operation is complete garbage! Google stated it would have the monitoring free for one year, but I have already been charged a monthly $8 fee! I spent 10 hours on the phone with ADT trying to get that fee refunded and to close my account and get a refund and I couldn’t even get through to anyone who could help me. It was hours of sitting on hold and getting the runaround. I’m going to have to spend the day again trying to get it taken care of!!!  ADT is a completely dishonest company, and horrible! If you call the number to sign up for a new account  someone picks right up, but when you call the number for customer service no one will answer! Stay away from this tricky offer!!