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How do I share connection to Nest Protect?

Community Member

I have my Nest Protect all set up and happy using my iPhone.  My wife wants access so she too can also see alerts from the Protect.  How do you do this?

From what I've read, I need to add the Protect as a device to my Google Home account.  When I select add the device, I get a message "Some devices need to be set up in the Nest app".  It provides a helpful button to switch to the app which brings up the Protect app.  Unfortunately that app doesn't appear to have any way to do the setup for sharing.  I was able to share the Google Home with her but I am unable to add the Nest Protect to Google Home.



Community Member

If sharing does not work in the nest app, then you wont be able to share. Nest protects do not work in google home. Chat support does not give any indication that this will be a future feature. 

Community Member

I’m having the same exact issue. Seems like there isn’t a way to do this.