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Incompatibility Nest Protect and Nest Hub

Community Member

I have a very valid issue posted here:

And even though there has not been any solution proposed, @Jeff decided that this should be closed because they want to "prioritize current issues", however this is very much so a current issue as I still cannot use my Nest Protect in combination with my Nest Hub and not even a workaround has been offered as a solution.

I understand that there hasn't been anything posted in the discussion since 02-20-2022, but this is not because the issue is gone, but it is because I've made my point quite well and there is not much more to say about it.

Again, that does not mean that the issue is fixed, and without any comment from anyone from Nest adding to the conversation, there is just nothing to say.

I think it is very important to not just let this go (even though by now I do realize that Nest absolutely does not care at all about their users) because I do not accept the way this is handled.

You cannot just ignore something for months and just close it because it is not "current" anymore. That way you would never have to do anything because if you just ignore it long enough it will be an old issue.

I especially dislike that the issue was immediately closed (see the timestamp of the last comment vs the timestamp of this new post) as the person closing it states that it is not a current issue anymore even though it very much is and does not leave anyone the option to say otherwise. He does finish that comment by stating "please feel free to open up a new discussion" so that is what I'm doing now, but if they are trying to say that I need to copy paste my original issue every day into a new discussion until someone actually responds, that is exactly what I'll do.


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @Moridrin ,

I hear you and I agree that ongoing issue or request type thread should be kept open for discussion. No resolution means that the community members here are still discussing. 

I will bring this up with our Community Manager and see if we can be more thoughtful about this and not closing threads such as yours.



Community Member

I have the same issue. Can't conect with Hub GEN 2 through my Gmail account to migrate the Nest Protect in my Google Home. Due to the many negative reactions on this subject, I gave up and return the Protects I recently bought. I will go for cheaper solutions that are just as good. 
I'm just as disappointed as you. This problem has been known for years, but Nest seems to like it just fine, strangely enough... That's why I'm sending mine back. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Evert_NL,


I am sorry to hear about the trouble you are having, and to hear you have sent back the devices. With that being the case, we are unable to further troubleshoot. I am going to go ahead and lock the thread at this time. If you have any questions from here, please feel free to create a new post.


Best regards,