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(Issue on the agenda for ever) but any advances with producing a heat detector to meet regulations?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Pat Doherty 1181 


I currently have 3 nest smoke alarms and was intending to purchase 5 more including a single heat detector but I've found that you do not currently provide a Heat Only detector which links into the other detectors which means that  your product does not meet the new legislation in Scotland. The following link explains the legislation in more detail.
Although it was expected this law would come into force earlier this year in February 2021, because of the Covid pandemic, it has been delayed to 2022. Yet current customers have had no contact from your company to say you will not be able to meet the new rules until you can produce a suitable product. 
I also note that your products are being sold through various outlets without any warning that they will not meet the delayed new safety law when it is implemented in a few months time. I hope this will not result in a terrible accident in future because of a lack of willingness on your part to advise people about this matter.
I would therefore request if you could advise if and when your company intends to provide a suitable heat detector which will satisfy the new safety law and if not, will your company notify current and any future customers that they will not be able to use your product to satisfy the new legislation and are better looking for another supplier?
I thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

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Regardless of the product, it is the consumers responsibility to ensure that they meet the minimum code for their area. It may be the case that existing installs will be grandfathered and the new codes only apply to new builds, but I would recommend that you do some investigating on your part to ensure compliance in your location. 

You clearly have not looked into the regulations. These apply to ALL properties, not just new builds. This has been brought to your attention on multiple occasions for some time now and has been systematically ignored. The OP and others have already "done some investigating" and told you what the situation is many times. Your reponse has been disgraceful.