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false C02 alarms when there is no C02 present.

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I have a sealed AMGF battery backup system for my solar, it works great, but during an extended power outage the Nest alarm detects C02.  I have a stand alone C02 detector in the room, it never goes off.
An AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery contains a special glass mat separator that wicks the electrolyte solution between the battery plates. This material's design enables the fiberglass to be saturated with electrolyte – and to store the electrolyte in a “dry” or suspended state rather than in free liquid form.Feb 17, 2017

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Sorry, it is the CO detector false alarm.  Carbon monoxide (CO) has been called the “invisible killer” as an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas.  CO incidents can happen at anytime of the year.  Be sure your family is protected against the dangers of high CO levels