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Nest App - all devices disappeared

Community Member

all devices in the nest app disappeared and Nest app behaves like I start for the first time. It seems it doesn’t recognize my Google account anymore though it let me log-on as usual.

What can I do to recover my home with all devices ?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Stefan1,


Thanks for posting and sorry for the late response. I know how it feels when you can't control your devices anymore from your Nest App.


To know more about this, I'd like to ask some questions: 

  • Are you using the same email address you used before? Try to sign in your other email address.
  • Did you migrate your Nest account to Google?
  • Have you checked if you have another home structure?


Keep me posted.



It’s none of the above. Everything has just disappeared even on my google home app?

Community Member

My iPhone has just restarted after a small ios update.  I went to the NEST app and asked me to log in again.  I did this but none of my devices are listed in my Home.  This weird situation happened a few days ago and the only way I got them back on was to completely do a full reset of each thermostat but don't want to keep having to do this.  You obviously have a glitch at your end.  Please help me get my Thermostats back up on the app.

Community Member

I met  the same problem today. I only have one device in my nest app, it was fine yesterday but today I found I was logged off nest app. When I log back on, I don’t see the thermostat any more. I don’t want to have to reset the thermostat and set it up again. Is there a way to get the device back on the nest app?


@TheRedBaronand @Aldu 

It would be really strange for all of your Google Nest devices to disappear from your Google Nest "home/structure" without any action on your part. Do you by any chance have more than one Google Nest "home/structure" set up in the Google Nest app? (The name displays at the top of your initial screen in the app.)

Community Member

Sorry it was my bad yesterday. I found it was because I logged into a wrong account. After switching to another account, I can see my device now. Sorry for the noise.

Community Member

I have had all my thermostats disappear. I have only one account, have not migrated or changed email addresses and only have one home structure.

Community Member

Okay my Nest protect disappeared. I did have two home addresses - the same.  So I thought I deleted the extra one - which evidently was not the extra, but the main one. I thought it would be a simple thing to scan them again and add them to the app again. Nope. It says it can't scan it. Does this mean I have to reset all the devices and start all over, or are they hidden somewhere in my app.  They aren't in devices -- because I burnt some rice and the alarms went off and there was nothing there to stop them. 


If you had cameras, doorbells, or Nest Hubs and you deleted the Google Nest "home/structure" containing them, I would say yes, you'd have to do a factory reset before reinstalling them in another Google Nest "home/structure". But we don't have Nest Protects, so I don't know for sure.

Yep, I had to do Factory reset.