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Nest Protect do not appear in Google Home App

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I just purchased 3 Nest Protect detectors installation and setup via the Nest App (iOS) was flawless. However unlike my Nest Door Bell post setup and installation the Nest Protect units do not appear in my Google Home app. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem or can it simply not be done?  

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Just trying to get Nest only to send texts to me when it detects smoke, fire or Co2. 

I thought it did when I bought it but not now. 

Is there another app out there that will do this? Otherwise I'm selling all of them and getting:

Thank you. I'm selling my Nest Protects.



Wifi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke & CO Alarm, Battery Operated, Phone Alert, 10 Year Life Time, ETL Listed UL217 and UL2034, GS886W


US$ 49.99


Google cannot blame the chip shortage on this one. It's all the fact they do not want to integratw it. They want to kill nest. So the best we can do is keep this thread going, keep it at the top of the section and anyone looking for info on protects can see that they're not supported by Google and something else should be bought or they should return them. I returned my new pixel 6 pro because Google had no desire to allow anyone to use manual settings on the camera. All the AI post processing that worked great on daytime photos is worthless in low light or for night shots. I tried Google first bc i didnt want Samsung, but after hearing lies about "best camera" and having a brand new phone lagging, and shutting down, i took it back. I'm rightbwhere im about to migrate off of google workspace, voice, etc and find a more trustworthy company.

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Is there any update on this issue so far. Just bought a nest protect for my newly installed oven. On the box of the nest protect clearly a Google logo is shown. This is absolutely misleading, Nest should not be allowed to print a Google logo on its devices if they are not able to communicate with Google's ecosystem. Why is it not possible to integrate the device into Google home? I am really disappointed from product integration, though the smoke detector seems solid.

Not that I know of. All 6 of mine are definitely not in my home app. Along with temp sensors for nest thermostat. Nest IS Google now, so this is 100% a Google thing. I've had that carrot dangled in front of me for years now so I don't exactly have high hopes of a resolution soon ether 

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The Google logo is because it's a Google product. Integrated products have the Assistant logo.

Fun fact: mine did as it was manufactured back when it was a Nest product and Assistant compatible, but by the time it arrived Google had "merged" the companies and killed compatability...

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Google, when will Nest Protect devices be added to Google Home app?  ?  Seems there isn't any action happening on this front?

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What I understoo so far.
- Google bought Nest and had a very limited budget for integrating it into Google assistant
- But they are revamping google Home and updates are being pushed. Perhaps they have something
    scheduled for this update.

- There are non cloud  based IoT applications. The most populare one for Android,
   Home Assistant, reportedly supports the nest protect. But you'd have to install Home Assistan on a dedicated
   computer, a Raspberry PI or a Linux computer: Clearly geek work
Home automation is clearly an example of the limitations when it comes to free global trade. A zillion of standards an no compatibility. Maybe it's better to wait ten years.

It would be reasonable for Google to answer on this thread and not leave us in doubt. Google home was so easy to install. Almost a miracle. But it builds expectations. And you can destroy such a good sentiment very quickly. That is what has been done. 


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Shameful how T3 just posts incorrect and obviously unverified information about how great it is you now have presence sensing with Nest Protect. While the whole device doesn't even show...

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Saving the best for last

Finally, Google is bringing sensor support to the Google Home ecosystem. This means you will be able to trigger automations by motion. It’s not clear if contact sensors or other sensor types such as leak or smoke detectors will also work. I’ve reached out to Google for clarification.

Kattukaran did say the Nest Protect smoke alarms will be migrated to the new Home app,”


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Too late for me stripping google smart home devices from my home. Nesrly finished now. Plus what a suprise no dates given. 

Stadia was the final straw and I can imagine the home devices disappearing down the pan. 

Alexa voice control is far more reliable. Far more functionality. Ring integration as well. Not perfect but a hell of allot better than Google. Do something about it today ditch them..

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I can't begin to describe my frustration with Google for the fact that the one device (out of 20) I own can't be added to my Google Home. Its basic stuff this Google and I'm seriously beginning to lose faith in you. Why the hell do I need to continue with the Nest App just to see my Protect device. I should be able to easily add it to HOME. I bought it the same time as my Thermostat, Cameras and every other device!

Join the club BBB, I bought my x3 protects in anticipation of being able to manage them via the google home app I was sadly mistaken. Since day one when I created this thread Dec 2021 there has been NO indication that google intend to allow it either. >8( 

I will believe it when i see it. I've heard the "We aRe wOrKiNg Sooo HaRd On ThIs 4 u!" For well over a year now. With the way they're handling Scotland... No trust remains.

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Came here thinking it was user error as to why my smoke alarms won’t show up on google home. Literally would have thought twice about buying them if I knew this. I like having all smart home devices within the one app, the only reason I’ve been sticking with google items! This sucks. Surely not a hard fix for google themselves 

Volks, as Said before already. I am done with Google. Their politics shows clearly poor integration of all their own and other hijacked company’s. They never ever finish anything and have no interest on customer needs at all. They just pure follow their own agenda, if they have one. - After i even could not let Philips Hue and Nest protect work together, also IFTTT support suspended since ages, there is no Smart anymore in this devices. I am on pure Alexa now and other vendors. Works and not give me headaches. Cheaper also. The pixel watch and Fitbit is an actual good example about poor integration. 

A fix is coming with Matter integration and a new Google Home app version early next year.

@MarkKeller wrote:

A fix is coming with Matter integration and a new Google Home app version early next year.

I'll believe that when I see it Mark fingers crossed though.

I do hope so. However, I'm already looking to change my entire ecosystem of products. Out will go the Pixel Phones (x3), WIFI (x4), Cameras, Nest Thermostat, Max Hubs (x2), Small Hubs and also the Nest Subscriptions,.

Don't hold your breath

What’s your source?

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It's really absurd this isn't fixed yet. I can shut my son's Xbox off with the home app, or control ran iot plugs, but not my protect

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Also is it just me, or do the replies to this thread not even sort newest to oldest or vice versa? Can they even get forum software right? 

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I bought 2 firedetectors could not integrate them in in google home. I feel tricked for buying them!

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It's crazy how much Google loves to criticize Apple for not letting everyone else use iMessage but they can't even make their own stuff work.

Fragmentation and incomplete projects is how Google do

My temperature sensors for my thermostat appeared in the home app today. Still no protects but that's 6 devices I no longer need nest app for. know, 6 protects still missing

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I support this request to add active products like the nest protect to the app. It makes sense.

oh, and please start progressing the nest guard home security system. I really like mine but it’s a bad feeling that it is discontinued. A good product.

With nest guard discontinued and googles ADT share holdings I highly doubt they will ever port it. I see it more likely they focus on assistant integration with ADT and offload that class of product and maintenance to them

Adt has nothing they make. They just use others products. Anything adt uses will be supplied from Google or something they already had.

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Being in the alarm industry I can probably guess what the big deal is very easy. Smokes are a nest product. Because it's life safety Google probably doesn't want to take it over till they release their own version some year. When it comes to fire life safety companies don't want to take blame for anything so Google is liking letting nest take the fall if something was ever to go wrong. I use to work for ADT and they did same thing for business fire alarms. They had a sub company called p1. They seperated themselves from adt because adt got sued hard 1 time and made them look bad. So now they can say wasn't us it's p1. Even know p1 install adt stickers and equipment. That's just a example of why it's most likely something to do with that. Might be a contract term that will have to be renewed and maybe then they would migrate but idk how any of that part works. It's annoying I want mine on home also lol.

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Well, I just purchased a Nest Protect Smoke & CO alarm only to realize it didn't integrate with Google Home. I tried...pretty much everything.

I now understand it's not compatible. Which is complete and utter nonsense.

Thanka to this community for the info.

Yup there is NO remedy for this, welcome to the club/thread for those ensnared by Google promises made and short on delivery on their part to fix this. Until such a time Google gets their act together you have to manage your protects with the Nest app. We're coming up on the one-year anniversary since I started this thread and still, we're no closer to a resolution from Google.

I suggest immediately returning them to the store.

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I don't they work great and are nice. And you don't have to pay for a alarm to have them call u outside your house. Returning them because u need 2 apps is a really dumb thing to do

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Lol check it out google sent me an email new and improved Google Home App released guess what nothing has changed STILL no Nest Protect support in it. Unreal!

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Has anyone actually received an official statement from Google support yet, will it ever be possible to see the Nest Protect in the app?

I don't really understand what is so complicated for Google here?!

Ah that would be a no promises made but yet to be delivered.

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Well seeing as how Google mail just flagged my notification of this thread as phishing, maybe Google wants to bury this, maybe its just AI. 


My take is if they were actually working on it or going to work on it, they'd have just come out and said it. If they come out and say they're not going to move the protects into Home, they set themselves up for... And im not worried to say this here bc they obviously dont come here and read ... Class action suits. (In sure I'd have been banned already.)


I mean... Does anyone here know how to start one? Or find a firm that would get the ball rolling?

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It is rather silly that protect is not in the app.  I bought mine well before Google acquired Nest, but they are still selling them basically unchanged but with Google branding.  It needs to be in the app.  Pls fix it!

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Please all write an email to this address. Maybe it will bring something.