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Nest Protect do not appear in Google Home App

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I just purchased 3 Nest Protect detectors installation and setup via the Nest App (iOS) was flawless. However unlike my Nest Door Bell post setup and installation the Nest Protect units do not appear in my Google Home app. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem or can it simply not be done?  

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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
We can confirm that supporting Nest Protect in Home App is indeed on our roadmap. We understand that this has been a long desired capability and the team is fully committed to expanding Home App support to cover the much loved Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

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Maybe that's why they give us these communities. So that we can just talk to each other about our problems. Has this thread ever reached a specialist in the three years it's been open?

Oh they pipe up every fews months to ask us the same questions, assure us that it's being worked on, remind us they have zero timeframe for said work which has apparently been ongoing for 3 years to no avail despite all their toil, and then occasionally threaten to close this thread because we hurt their feelings and/or remind them of what utter, useless failures they are.

To be fair, they can't help it if Google's policy is for them to be impotent. So while I agree with 'useless', I'd say it's their user service managers that are the failures.

Yes. They started with "hey you'd like your product to work properly? I'm sure the engineers havent had that idea, so here's a feedback form." Then silence. Then "google is most definitely working on this but we cant give details." *More silence* "oh, here's a feedback form." *Year passes* "uhh yeah here's the link to broken instructions to submit a feedback form... And uhh... Imma just go ahead and lock this thread up now kthxbai!" 

So specialist, yeah they've seen it. But can they do anything? Nah. 


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Pitty I bought 6 smoke sensors last year.
Whole house is automation driven, and I thought these sensors would help with fire scenarios.
Guess it's time to start selling the sensors, and looking for another vendor.

Just adding my comment to this thread so I hope Google will see they hurting a lot of people. Not that they'll care, but hey, maybe one day...

This is EXACTLY what we want to happen Brononius have the public continue to add their voice to this thread to highlight this ongoing problem. We should not be silenced, nor should this issue be swept under the rug as was suggested by someone who identified themselves as a Google representative earlier this month saying this thread would be locked here is a dead link to voice your concerns to the developers.    

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When ? 

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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
We can confirm that supporting Nest Protect in Home App is indeed on our roadmap. We understand that this has been a long desired capability and the team is fully committed to expanding Home App support to cover the much loved Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

It took you three years to give us that response? Product support is non existent and you basically just treated your customer base like bud light. You might want to just start working on that “roadmap” like yesterday. And while you’re at it, stop removing features we come to know and love. You should be too busy with your roadmap to worry about taking away doorbell themes. 

So is this a 3-year roadmap? 4-year? Since we are going on 1 years, 7 months and 15 days since this topic was first broached, I'm so very curious! Seems more like a "We chime in every 6 months to reassure you that something might be happening someday" kind of open-ended roadmap.

Thank you for the reply. I'm sure you understand that we're all just a little nervous that we can't take this comment at face value. We already feel burned by the loss of IFTTT and the lack of support we currently have. IFTTT connections were taken from us under the pretenses that you would be able to do it better yourselves, so we're all just a little confused here. Is there anything we can take away from this thread?

This is exhausting honestly and unfortunate I really like the Google product I went ahead with the protects blindly thinking Google Home integration was a no brainer of course it will do that right. Here we are today pipe dreams and more broken promises continue. The thread is afire yet AGAIN and I don't blame anyone for added their 2 cents to this continued frustration. 

They just scribbled a line at the end of the roadmap, just after "desommission nest servers" and wrote in add nest protect to home. 


I'm curious tho, did you pick the answer, or did it self assign it? Granted we drew enough attention that got some account to post... Something...

Any press is good press

Funny that you decided to support 10000 3rd party entertainment products first, and just now you add your own life-preserving product on the roadmap. Your product can save lives. Please prioritize it. Don't be evil.

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I mean.. they also own Waze and have never bothered to integrate that (much better) platform with Google Maps. 

They continue to support 2 independent platforms, it's bonkers.

But they added some waze features to maps. Like when a construction alert appears, it marks the whole highway closed. They broke maps with Waze.

Same thing for Fitbit and google Fit ... 

Can you share a timeline for this?

It's nice to hear that you're thinking to implement something. But I think that everybody is very curious when  it will be done. So everybody can finally start to use their home automation with the smoke sensors. This can be a live saver! eg Cutt electricity/gas, open gates for firemen, send extra alarms, create an escape path with lights...

Those are all really great ideas. 

Seen the time it has taken, this was almost an unbelievable answer. I can understand the skepticism in some of the other comments.
Road maps are usually made visible to customers. Can you please give some indication WHEN the Home app will support the Nest Protect.

Customer confidence is easy to loose and hard to regain.
By the way, customer confidence is sometimes improved by sharing the name of the community manager.

That is not acceptable answer 

Over tow years and google cannot figure this out.


What a disappointment

I have 8 nest protects in my house. That's quite a financial commitment but I think they're a great product that helps keep my family safe. I own almost every hardware product Google makes. The nest protects needs to be in the home app with everything else. 

I was just looking about this as I have new nest protect and can not add it or find it in the Google home hub ! I understand that the team are working too add this is there a time scale or is that just been to ambitious

as a fellow recent purchaser, I take it from the "it's on the roadmap" to mean that delivery of the integration will be some time between now & when we discontinue Google Home (so that'll be about 1 week before it becomes workable, like all Google Projects).

I don't fancy our chances of ever seeing a Public Roadmap for Google items

I think we should take this as 'Protect' you in your home while you're in it by making loud noises and flashing lights, but don't expect more than a standard 9v detector for quite a while.

Who knows, they may perform the integration like the current Doorbell/Pixel Tablet - so you'll get a notification to tell you to go and have a look why the Protect device has gone off 😉

It's beyond their ambition, it boils down to indifference or incompetence at this point.

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Return it while you still can. If google wont take it back, you might be able to have your bank do a chargeback as the device you bought does not function in google home, and the marketing materials are vague, leaving one to imply it would work like the other nest gear. So could be deemed fraudulent.

Get it done,

Your list of desired basics is stacking too far up against google being a viable option....

Hey GoogleNestTeam, so honestly why on earth is this so hard when SO MANY sketchy 3rd party apps can access Google Home? Why is there even a freaking roadmap a this point? JUST DO IT ALREADY, what is wrong with your team if they can't manage this one highly demanded request? Indifference or incompetence, it's one or the other at this point...shame on your "team".

Woohooo! Can’t come soon enough! 

It's not gonna be a Nest Secure debauchery? Very disappointing to invest in the Google ecosystem and then find out you are discontinuing product lines... And don't even mention ADT transition.

when ? 

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After all the protects expire. They'll get to it 10 minutes after the last one dies.

When will this be done?  Why are you selling Google products in Fall 2023 that do not integrate with the Google Home app?  Embarrassing for Google and very frustrating for customers

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It's as though they will be shutting it all down soon. I just get the feeling they are more focused on advertising and quam-putas these days. Maybe it's time to jump ship 😔

Oh its definitely time to jump ship. I've started building my replacement.

It is very misleading to put a Google logo on a product that is not compatible. I suggest you remove the logo and remove the Protect from the Google IoT website until it is ready. 


How can Google post an answer like this, whilst you're selling and profiting from the product - and you have withheld this info from purchasers at the time.  Why on earth are you selling Google products for smart homes that are not compatible with Google Home.