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Nest Protect doesn't wake up

Community Member

My Protect doesn't wake up, no light ever flashes and it doesn't speak when trying to set. 


Batteries are in and it beeps once every 30seconds, hold down the button and no lights flash, nothing happens other than a 3 beep alarm. 

Can't connect to the app at all, it try's to for 30 seconds  but always shows error P023 

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 12.49.57.pngScreenshot 2023-08-07 at 12.50.03.png


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Jack573, 


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We appreciate you sharing here the error message you're getting. We would recommend you to follow the steps below:

  1. Quit and restart the Nest or Google Home app.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on. Turn Bluetooth off, then back on to refresh the connection.
  3. Disconnect any Bluetooth devices that are connected to the phone to rule out any interference.
  4. Put the mobile device on airplane mode, then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  5. Restart the phone or tablet.
  6. Restart the joining and assisting devices.
  7. Move the joining device closer to the router, or the router closer to the assisting device.
  8. Try a different mobile device.
  9. Create a hotspot and try to pair again. Make sure that the device connects to the hotspot this time and not the home Wi-Fi.
  10. Create another structure in the Nest or Google Home app and try to add the device to the newly created structure.

      11. Try to add the device to another account.
      12. Reset the joining device to default.


Let us know your update here.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Jack573, 

I'm dropping by to ensure that everything is covered here. How's it going with your Nest Protect? Were you able to perform the steps I’m suggesting? We'd be glad to hear from you.