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Nest Protect draining Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries within weeks 🪫

Community Member

I have three Nest Protect Gen 2 smoke alarms and all of them are prematurely draining Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries within two months of replacing with fresh batteries. I’m not happy with the poor performance of these units and think this product is not fit for purpose. 
I am planning to publish and promote a YouTube video review of this product explaining why it should be avoided on both safely and environmental grounds. If anyone wishes to add their comments I would be happy to include them


Community Member

I saw in your description, "...all of them are prematurely draining Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries within two months of replacing with fresh batteries..."     What happens when you use a different brand of battery (e.g. Duracell)?  My experience has been Duracell far out-lasts Energizer.  It's worth a look.  Before complaining about the product, I would test the product using different battery manufacturers, since all battery manufacturers are not equal.

Paul Kelley

According to "Both battery and wired Protect require Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91) batteries.Don’t use rechargeable or alkaline batteries." Before criticizing someone, I would read the instructions.

As far as I can tell, only Energizer makes lithium AA 1.8V batteries. Is your experience with Duracell outlasting Energizer from actually using them in a Nest Protect?

I have 10 Nest Protects and my experience is that the required Energizer batteries last for many years as indicated. With the skyrocketing price of lithium, that's a good thing because it now costs $20 to replace them. I suggest that the original poster contact support, since they seem to have a defective unit.

Community Member

What relevance does this have to me? I have three units that deplete the specified batteries in weeks rather than months or years. The product is garbage.

No. That’s not a helpful suggestion at all. This product is substandard in performance and definitely not fit for purpose if the specified battery type lasts less than 2 months. It’s a smoke alarm not a Bluetooth speaker or torch i.e. a safety alarm that need to be reliable and consistent. Fire angel produce alarms that have batteries that last an average of 10 years. 
the bottom line is a Nest alarm should not deplete a fresh set of batteries every 2 months yet they do.

The support clearly states to use the specified batteries - they do not last. The product is clearly garbage and not fit for purpose.

Community Member

Is Pathlight turning on and staying on?  Turn Pathlight off in the app. and see if batteries last.  Clearly something is consuming too much power.  Regardless, sounds like a defect of some type. 

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I'm not spending significantly more than the ludicrously high price of the hardware buying batteries to test a product that is clearly not fit for purpose. I cannot believe there is not already a class action against Google over this fiasco.