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Nest protect V2 does not install

Community Member

I recently bought 4 nest protect V2's, 3 have been installed perfectly.

When installing the 4th it went wrong: After removing the plastic pin to activate the device, it instantly made short beeping sounds every +/- 10 sec. I did not receive the standard welcome message to choose language, it just startet beeping. Only removing the batteries stops the beeping, the round button does not light up and it has no effect when pushing the button.

I also tried to reset the device by press and hold the button +10 sec, but no effect either.

Please advise how to proceed, because I begin to think my device is broken.

Thank you in advance


Community Member

(not a google employee)

If you're still in your return period, return it to the store, as the warranty process isn't the quickest, or smoothest.

Also, just FYI these detectors do not work in Google Home. Only the Nest app. Which is the old Nest software. Based on info given, Google claims its "on the roadmap" but gives no timeline and sounds like its on their "get around to that someday" list.

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It seems the device is not working correctly. I've already sent it back under warranty, a new will be delivered shortly.

Thanks for your advice.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,  


@Nick01, we appreciate you reaching out to the Community. We're glad to know that your replacement is on its way now. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks for chiming in, DanCoco.