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Nest thermostat not adhering to schedule

Community Member

I've sorted through most of the posts where the Nest thermostat is not following the schedule.  I can't seem to stop it from cooling at 72 degrees, even though the schedule is a simple Cool at 78 degrees, every day.

  • Nest has been following the schedule for years now, but within the last week it flat ignores the schedule at night
  • No events show an override to temperature, but history does show it's kicking off the lower temperature in the middle of the night.
  • ALL options such as learning, ECO, Home and Away, etc. have been disabled.   
  • I've deleted the simple one temperature per day schedule and replaced it with a similar one.

I've read the post that suggests I change the mode from Cool - to Heat and Cool...but that makes no sense.   The thermostat has been following the schedule forever.   Heat pump is 5 years old, cools well when needed.   

What has changed that is telling nest to initiate a unrequested cooling temperature of 72 degrees in the middle of the night, and what do I do the get Nest to follow the program?