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Out of Reach and Stupid as Hell

Community Member

This is the most infuriating thing to have to take time out of my day to do: complain to you all about a design flaw that is so careless...I wanna know if you've just got a bunch of retired W/NBA players working for you? I moved into a house where there are three Nest Protect detectors. I was SO excited to link all of these together and at least pretend like I was in some control of my house - BUT...
I am about 5'2" and one of these devices in a basement stairwell. GUESS WHAT I CAN'T GET TO, FRIENDS?! Guess what's IMPOSSIBLE for me to reach to find the stupid QR code or the number ON THE BACK BECAUSE I CAN'T REACH IT IN THE STAIRWELL BECAUSE I AM 5'2" tall.

I'm FURIOUS with you all fools making the decision to exclude ALL other possibilities of linking this **bleep** up. I really don't want to have to ASK someone who's TALLER than ME to come OVER to my house to help me LINK UP my smoke detectors. I contacted you all through chat and was only further enraged when the representative had NO ANSWER FOR ME, except - "you'll have to take it down." 




THANKS for making stupid decisions that disrupt the lives of your SHORT customers. You all are smarter than this...FIX IT.