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RE-insalling Nest Protect with no QR code or 6-digit

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I upgraded my WiFi a few days ago and set up all my Google stuff including Nest Thermostat. I waited to see if the 2nd Gen, hardwired, Nest Protect would update the info by itself BECAUSE... my Nest Protect is on a very high ceiling. I would never be able to physically touch it, ever. It did not pull the info across devices (annoying) in the same "home."

Standing on my tippy toes I could not get it to connect (it is using bluetooth like silence the alarm, I think?) to my phone, so before I went to get a tall chair and do the same, I foolishly thought I could remove and re-add the device.

As you all know, it asks me for the QR code, that I can't access, and then alternatively for a number written next to the QR code that I can't access.


1) The box, all documentation, serial number on the label, store receipt (<-- Amazing!)

2) Two years of monthly emails about my leafs-awarded and how many times a good reverse sear set off my Nest Protect.

3) My Google Account

Is there any way to recover the device, or revert to the previous state? Is it the info in a trash can somewhere?

Can Nest look it up for me, using the Serial Number?

As I said... that Nest Protect is up there until they tear down the building. I will never be able to physically touch it. A tall enough ladder will not come through the door, or in through a window.






You could try contacting Support to see if they can or will provide you with the Setup Code:

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