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Raise a Complaint (outstanding case since 23 December)

Community Member

I would like to raise a complaint in relation to 6-############1517 raised on 23 December 2021.  I have now contacted you twice regarding this issue, and you keep saying it's been looked into.  On the twice before that I have contacted you, I think I may have been speaking to a bot who advises me to go down the usual reboot/reset stuff.  


What has happened to Nest since it was taken over by Google?  The service I have received ever since the takeover has been shocking - I used to speak with a lovely knowledgable team in Ireland, now I seem to only be able to get through to bots?




Community Member

Welcome to Google, where customer support no longer exists. Instead, it is outsourced to the customers themselves, who are paid nothing but instead are called "Community Specialists" and given "gold stars" like school children. But don't expect any posts made here in the "Google Nest Community" to be answered, or even seen, by an actual Google employee. It ain't happening...



Community Member

Sounds about right! Was hoping that one of the community managers may see it and try to pacify me. 

Community Member

I had a chat supervisor blast out her templete non-answer to me and throw a temper tantrum and force close the chat, so no your "in progress" cases are going nowhere.