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Remove nest protect, now it wont add it back

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I have 4 nest protects. All of a sudden they all disconnected from my app and i wasnt able to connect them back. So the website tip says to remove them altogether and then add them back. Now i am unable to add them back. Its become incredibly frustrating. Ive even chatted with support but to no avail they still are not working. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Right now it seems that all i bought was paperweights. 


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I am having the same issue. Would love to find a solution 

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Same problem here with my 2nd gen Nest Protect carbon monoxide / smoke detector.

  • Seven (7) of my Nest Protect devices are now disconnected from WiFi.
  • When I purchased my mesh WiFi routers a year ago, all 12 were connected and I have not switched the WiFi network linked to these devices.
  • And my WiFi network does have iPV6 turned on.

Using one of my disconnected-from-WiFi Google Nest Protect devices:

  • I tried following all the steps mentioned in Google Nest's troubleshooting guide for reestablishing a connection, without success.
  • Then, once again following the suggested steps, I removed that Protect device from my Nest network, but now I am unable to reconnect it.
  • One thing I notice is that when I connect my smartphone, a Pixel 7 Pro, to the "Internet-of-Things" (IoT) 2.4 GHz WiFi band, the network to which all my Nest Protect devices have been connected, or to any other band, it changes during the setup process, trying instead to connect to the Nest Protect device's own WiFi signal.

Besides the factory reset on the Nest Protect device:

  • I rebooted my mesh router
  • I turned off the Nest app on my smartphone and restarted it
  • and I tried connecting to a different WiFi signal that has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Unfortunately, none of those maneuvers proved successful.

  • I am reluctant, for obvious reasons, even to try Google Nest's suggested WiFi reconnect measures with my other six (6) Nest Protect devices that are disconnected from WiFi.
  • At least those WiFi-disconnected Protect units are presumably still functioning as standalone devices.

I know that Google Pixel smartphones have had "issues" with setting up certain other smart devices.

  • For example, I was unable to get my previous Pixel 3 XL to set up Sling TV's AirTV OTA broadcast device.
  • The Sling CSR told me that this was a known issue with Pixel phones.
  • I do not have another portable non-Pixel Android device to see if that might work, but I would be interested to learn if others have had a better experience using a different manufacturer's Android smartphone to set up their Nest Protect devices.

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Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience on your Nest Protect. When setting up multiple Nest Protects, they should be beside each other and placed on the table near the Wifi router. After resetting all of them to the factory default, while pairing they should have blue light pulsing indicating that it's ready to be set up. To know more about this, just hit this link.


Keep me posted.



Hi Emerson Ebedia,

Problem solved!

When I factory reset two of the upstairs Nest Protect devices and reinstalled them, I was near an upstairs satellite router of my Netgear Orbi WiFi network. However, as I pointed out in my OP, that did not work, either using the installation code or the QR code.

So, on a hunch, I did another factory reset of the Nest Protect devices and brought them downstairs, where I did the setup protocol next to the main Orbi mesh WiFi router. That worked!

So, while it is not mentioned in the Google Nest Protect setup instructions that setup near a satellite mesh WiFi device may not work, I suspect that, at least for some mesh WiFi systems, you need to do the setup next to the main mesh WiFi router, rather than adjacent to a mesh satellite WiFi device.

By the way, while I had to do the reset next to my main Orbi mesh router of at least three of the Nest Protect devices that had gone offline, once those devices were back online, the other four offline Nest Protect devices came back online spontaneously, without a need for a factory reset!

Incidentally, while I had written down the installation codes for each of my 12 Nest Protect devices, the codes did not work for my reinstallation. But that may be because, for convenience, I first tried using those codes upstairs with the Nest Protect devices still on the ceiling, which is located close to the satellite mesh router. However, since I had to remove the Nest Protect devices from the upstairs ceiling anyway in order to bring them downstairs to be adjacent to the main Orbi mesh router, I just used my Pixel 7 phone to image the QR code on back of the Nest Protect devices, which did work.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Guilhermedico,


We're glad to hear that and thanks for getting back to us. Good thing that it's working now. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this after 24 hours. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.