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Replacement 120v Connector for Nest Protect

Community Member

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement 120v connector for my 2nd gen Nest Protect? Apparently I can't buy it from Google and the customer service rep I spoke to said I should look online and in retail stores (although why they would sell a part that Google itself does not is beyond me). So far I've come up empty everywhere I've tried. I can only find whole Nest Protects for sale; not just the connector. Has anyone ACTUALLY been able to find one of these anywhere? It's extremely disappointing and frankly disgusting that this simple part isn't readily available and it seems like I'm expected to buy a whole new expensive unit even though my Nest Protect is only three years old.


Community Member

I'm also looking for the same 120v connector and would appreciate any tip. thanks

Community Member

I’m looking for the same 120v electrical connector also to no avail

Community Member

Looking for the same connectors for the Nest Protect any tips will be appreciated 

Community Member

Help would be greatly appreciated!