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Replacement date too short

Community Member


I just purchased a Nest Protect 3-pack from

The manufacture date was August 2019, therefore the  replacement date is August 2029.

This means, that I've only actually got 7 years before they will need to be replaced, and not the advertised 10 years.

Surely, the replacement date should be 10 years after first installation?

If it is from manufactured date, what do you think would be an acceptable manufactured date, because it seems to me that you'd have to be pretty lucky to buy one where the replacement date is close to 10 years.

Buying 7/10 of a product as new  doesn't seem very good to me!

Thanks for any help



Community Member

Just spent a painful half-hour in chat with a Google representative.

all I was trying to find out was if I bought from Google directly, what would the likely replacement date be. He wouldn’t commit to anything, so I could potentially be even worse off!

about replacement dates… 

On it says:

To get app notifications and emails about your Protect’s expiry, your Protect needs to be set up in the Nest app and connected to Wi-Fi. Even if your Protect isn’t connected to the app, it will still chirp after it has expired.

So I take that to mean it will be unusable because the chirping will be unacceptable, even if the device is working fine otherwise.

it does surprise me that the replacement date isn’t 10 years from date of  install. Do the sensors really decay when they’re not actually in use?

Thanks for any help