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Accessing Google Nest over web (not app, *web*)?

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Is there a way to access my Google Nest thermostats over the web?  (e.g., from Chrome or Safari on my Mac laptop)?

Note that I do not mean *app*, I mean *web*.

Bonus points if the method includes the WAN, not just LAN.  (I.e., the ability to access the Nests across hundreds of miles ... generally implying a router setup at the Nest end, forwarding some open ports.)


I *HAD* this ability with my *15 year old* Proliphix thermostats (e.g., NT10) ... but, like Apple, it seems like Google eschews prior art.   

(I'd access one via port 10445, one via port 10456 ... two ports I told the vacation home's router to forward to port 80 on each Proliphix.)


Why do I want this?

The Nests are in a vacation house in a mountainous region ... I want to allow guests who are about to head up the ability to check the temperature (check, not control) from their home.  I do *not* want to give them access by giving them my gmail account password (and then they'd use the app on their phone).

(If it matters: 2022 low-end Google Nests)


No, I don't want to try the *extremely* suspicious looking Chrome add-on via the Chrome store ... it's documented as being offered by:  🙂






Uses any browser and internet connection.  Sign in with your Google/Nest account.

You could add your guests as Home Members and then delete them afterwards as needed.

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(BTW, I received the above as an email, too ... thanks, googlenestcommunity.

But, unlike other forums, the "from" address does not let me reply to it and get the reply posted here.)


Thanks for the suggestion ... but ...

I erred in not mentioning that I had, indeed, googled and found ...
signed in ...
and found zero devices.

All I see (and I'm looking as I type) is a large black screen with "Home", my account name under it, and a big "+" to "Add Product".

At the exact same time, the Google Home app on my android (same email account) properly shows me the two Google Nests ...
i.e., pretty clear indication that nothing should have to be "added".

I was unaware of the "Guest" ability ... if (or a variation) ever works right, I'll give that a try.
Perhaps there's a way I can send a "guest" invite to my account from the app ...
I just hate having to make people needlessly (yes) use an app when the web is simpler and faster.



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Update:  no, the "guest mode" has absolutely no chance of working.  From the web page you cited: 

"When someone becomes a member of a home, the following info and settings will be shared with them:

Full access and control of devices and services"


So, that wouldn't work.  I have no intention of them being able to reconfigure my Google Mesh, or reprogram settings on the Google Nest ... view only ... just like Proliphix let me do from 2006 until last week when I replaced them 🙂


So far the best suggestion I've received (offline) was:

    Give up.

    Buy a separate indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi thermometer


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I have the same issue and question.  I had a Gen 1 Nest thermostat that I could easily update and monitor from my web browser at and now my new Nest thermostat does not appear there and can not be added from the browser.  It keeps insisting on an "entry key" that is non-existent because I already have the thermostat installed on my iOS app.  


I also want to add that this is very strange that nobody at Google would think to publish documentation or instructions on how to add a new Nest thermostat using a simple web browser.  It's almost as if they didn't imagine a use case where their Nest users would not use their phones and app.

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Anyone get an answer about this, I have only my doorbells show on both and

My old honeywell thermostats did this easily!

We need an answer!

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Typical Google behavior - all talk, no action, and no support!  Without a suggestion from Google, I had to reinstall the app on my iPhone to get it to work!