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Auto temperature set?

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I’m totally new to Nest, which is a condo I am renting. When I leave for a week, and return, the temp is always back on 70. Why and how do I change that? Thanks. 


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the nest turns on when it detects motion or your phone is nearby.  check your home away setting as well also set it in eco mode


See Google's instructions,, for explanations of the terms that @tvbcrypto mentioned, e.g., Home/Away Assist (also called Presence Sensing, depending on which model and interface you're using) and Eco Mode.

The Nest is a "smart" thermostat, meaning that on top of whatever schedule you or the condo owner has set, it also is able to try to determine whether or not you're home, and change the temperature accordingly.  You can turn that presence-sensing off, or modify the "away" temperature.

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Hello folks,


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@tvbcrypto and @CBFox, I appreciate your assistance and efforts for sharing how Presence Sensing and Home/Away Assist works with Nest Thermostat.


@dukeuser, I wanted to stop by and see how I could help. In addition to the features above, Nest Learning Thermostat will learn your preferred temperatures throughout the day with Auto-Schedule. It'll create a schedule for you after few days of training.


Follow these steps to disable it:


  1. On the Nest Thermostat. Go to Settings > Eco Temperature > Turn off both "Heat to" and "Cool to".
  2. Then, Settings > Nest Sense > Auto-schedule. Turn it off to disable. 
  3. Go back to main Settings > Reset > Schedule. Clear or reset schedule. This will clear all the basic temperature presets


Let us know if it works.




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We appreciate your help here, @Markjosephp.
@dukeuser, I'm jumping in to ensure you're all good. Have you had the chance to try the suggested steps provided above?


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