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Heat link not connecting, h71 / WiFi connection issues

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Heat link will not connect to thermostat, h71 error. Blue light permanently flashing. Have tried all troubleshooting advice.

WiFi also connects for around one minute and then disconnects. W4 issue?

Called Google who say that it is not fixable and as it is out of warranty there is nothing they can do. From looking online there seems to be a lot of issues with these products failing completely. Some were replaced due to WiFi chip issues. I would advise against purchasing any nest products in future based on the service and reliability.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there @Anthony_P

Thanks for reaching out. Could you tell me please when did the situation start occurring first and when was the thermostat installed? Do you have any case number from your interaction with the live support team?

I put in here some steps to help you connect back the thermostat with the Heat Link. The steps need to be fulfilled in this order only.

Before following these steps make sure of the following:

- The thermostat is connected to the base and to a power source and it's getting power (You can check in the "Technical info" option, and after that in "Power", the battery needs to be above 3.8 in order to maintain a constant connection with the Heat Link, however, if it's not, let it charge until it is).
- If you have the possibility (the thermostat is on a stand), bring the thermostat and the Heat Link as close as possible only for the pairing process, after that, you can move them anywhere in the 30 meters radius

1. Gather the 6-digit entry key located on the bottom side of Heat Link's case, near the screw that holds the case together.

2. Select the option "Replace Heat Link" on the thermostat (you will have a message saying that the thermostat failed to connect wirelessly to the heat link, you just need to continue and you will receive a screen with 4 options: check again, reset pairing, replace heat link and technical info, the correct option in the third)

3. Put the 6-digit entry key in there but don't confirm it. Just write it there and stop when you see the word "Connect" highlighted.

4. Press the "Nest" button on the Heat link and hold it for 45 seconds until you see a slowly pulsating blue light on the Heat Link. After that, wait about 5 seconds and press and hold it again for another 45 seconds until you see a slowly pulsating blue light on it.

5. Go ahead and press connect on the Thermostat's display and wait about a minute. You shall see the message "Heat link connected wirelessly" and the Heat Link's light shall be solid green. That means the devices are connected and working.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Anthony_P. Did you manage to check the steps mentioned by my colleague?


Hi George,

I tried the above advice several times but had no luck. I followed the instructions exactly as stated. I appreciate the helpful instructions @DragosC, as I had not tried the method in that order before, so I was hopeful it would work.

Are there any other suggestions?

Many thanks for trying.

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Community Specialist

Thanks for letting me know, @Anthony_P. Please try these troubleshooting steps as well and let me know the result:

1. Reset the Heat Link by keeping the button on it pressed for 30 seconds until the LED goes slowly pulsing blue.
2. Take the thermostat off the base and give it a restart, off the base by holding the display and the back of the thermostat pressed for 10-12 seconds.
3. While the thermostat is restarting, do not put it back on the base yet, but instead, reset the Heat Link again just like before.
4. After the Heat Link is reset, put the thermostat back on the base when it asks you to do so on the screen.
5. Go to: Replace Heat Link (underneath the H71 error code) and enter the 6 character entry key from the Heat Link, but do not connect just yet.
6. Restart the Heat Link twice (1 restart is a 10 seconds press, until the LED goes off once).
7. Press connect on the display.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Anthony_P. Just checking in, how's it going with your thermostat? Did you manage to try the mentioned steps?


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Community Specialist

Hey there, I haven't heard from you in a while so I'll be locking this thread. If you have any new issues, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread in the community. Thanks, AlexD.