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How to wire cable to nest with one red R wire and one white wire jumps with W and Y?

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Platinum Product Expert

@roychan1234 ,
Frankly it makes no sense to wire the heating contact and the cooling contact together. Do you have an Air Conditioner and a separate Heating system or just a heating system?

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for looking into its compatibility, @CoolingWizard.

@roychan1234, I hope you can provide us with more details about your system so we know its wiring configuration. You can help us out by sharing your system's make and model if it's a heating-only unit. Also, you might have to consider installing a Common wire or a Nest Power Connector to provide constant power to the Nest Thermostat.

Let us know so we can move forward.


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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,

@roychan1234, I just wanted to follow up and see if you still need any help. Let me know if you have any additional questions from here.